“The Catalan supporters are really sanguine”: before MHR-Usap, the pressure is mounting

“The Catalan supporters are really sanguine”: before MHR-Usap, the pressure is mounting

Les supporters catalans ont prévu de débarquer en nombre au GGL Stadium. Midi Libre – PIERRE SALIBA

Between 3,000 and 4,000 Perpignan supporters are expected in Montpellier this Saturday April 27 for the MHR-Usap confrontation. The GGL Stadium should be full for the derby.

This is one of the subjects, even THE subject, of this confrontation of the former Languedoc-Roussillon. Since Usap supporters besieged the MHR ticket office three weeks ago to invade the GGL Stadium, forcing the Montpellier club to take certain measures, the electricity in the power supply has been reduced to 100%. air is moved up a notch. The groups of supporters of the two teams, especially on the blood and gold side, are heating up the sauce as the event approaches. The general mobilization is launched.

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Between 3,000 and 4,000 Usap supporters are expected at the GGL. And the match should be played behind closed doors for the first time this season. 

"It's good that the venue is sold out"

Enough to make the atmosphere of the match special ? Is there a fear in the Montpellier ranks of seeing the Catalan supporters, known to be noisy, gaining the upper hand ? "Until proof to the contrary, Usap supporters reach 3,000. That's very good for them and I don't have to comment on that . But if my calculations are correct, in this 14,000-seat stadium, there should be approximately 11,000 Montpellier residents no ? I believe they mobilized, asks MHR manager Patrice Collazo with a smile. "It's good that the venue is sold out. For the club and the players. And that's something to take into account."   

Bastien Chalureau, the second row of Montpellier, knows the Catalan public well. The 32-year-old international made his professional debut in Perpignan (2014-2017). He knows what to expect. "The Catalans are really sanguine. But I experienced two periods. The one where the stadium was sold out and the one where there weren't many people in the stands. It's like all audiences, they react according to their team", assures the boy with 7 selections.

The ranking of the Top 14

In addition to the sporting challenge of the meeting, where the MHR fights for its survival while the Usap can dream of a top 6, the context of the meeting will be a significant element of decor. "This is a match that has been talked about for X amount of time. Very quickly, Usap supporters mobilized. I believe that the Montpellier residents will also respond, what's more in a high-stakes match. The atmosphere will be a little hot. If we put 10,000 Montpellier residents in the stands, that will also help us launch the final sprint, we have some crucial matches coming up. I think it can count on the end", concluded Collazo.

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