The CCI Lozère launches its “I love my trader” operation to boost local shops

The CCI Lozère launches its “I love my trader” operation to boost local shops

Clara Rodier et Christelle Moureton, les locomotives de l'opération. MIDI LIBRE – Michel Pieyre

Pour la quatrième année consécutive, la CCI Lozère et le Département organisent la journée "J’aime mon commerçant lozérien" le samedi 1er juin 2024.

On Saturday June 1, 2024, you will have to take advantage of the special day organized by the CCI Lozère and the Department "I love my Lozère trader". In total, 500 € in gift certificates will be up for grabs, by drawing lots. The only condition is to consume in one of the 130 local businesses participating in the day.

Initiatives in the municipalities

"This is the fourth year that the Department and the CCI have joined forces to develop this operation. The objective is to hold an event that highlights the quality and diversity of local businesses in each municipality, underlined Christelle Moureton, president of the l’ Aumont-Aubrac traders association. Thus, 18 municipalities will be concerned with, in participating stores, a kit including participation forms, an urn and pretty decorative balloons. All to win gift certificates (50). ;euro;) to spend in said businesses.

"There may also be activities, workshops, tastings", added the shopkeeper. Thus, sack lunch in Florac, craft markets in Saint-Chély-d’Apcher and Marvejols, raffle in Langogne, window display to be won in Langogne or even the decorated town in Aumont-Aubrac are on the program. "There will also be two checkbooks to be won on our social networks (@jaimemoncommercantlozerien) from Monday 20  May 2024, added Clara Rodier de Fédébon 48. You have to like the publication, share it and comment on it."

In Aumont-Aubrac, staggered visits are also planned to bring additional interest to the commercial event, as Christelle Moureton explains: "The Superfluu company will highlight the history of the train on the Aubrac line."

"Our operation is also useful so that the public who does not necessarily open the door of a local business is encouraged to do so" , she finally notes. The cost of this promotional day is 5,000 euros, financed by the Department and the CCI, with communication campaigns in the local press, e-mailing and social networks.

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