The Cevennes rugby club remains in federal 3!

The Cevennes rugby club remains in federal 3!

Delighted with the news, the Cévenols are back on the road to federal 3. Midi Libre – STEPHANE BARBIER

With a simple phone call, the Cévenol club was informed of its repechage from the Regional level where it had been relegated, to federal 3. (Very) good news for the club which has just celebrated its 60th anniversary as Laurent Malfroot succeeds Eric Juvin, now happily retired, as general secretary.

The bad news came at the end of an epic match against Teil (24-21 defeat last April): the RCC was relegated on the last day of the championship and would therefore evolve at the Regional level.

But, like the indecision of the rebound of a rugby ball, the wheel of destiny turned differently for the coach's men Eric Sanchez who have just learned about their draft.
A form of reward for this team, best third at national level last season, with a largely overhauled squad, and made up of numerous juniors promoted to seniors.
A restructuring auguring a bright future for this club created in 1964 which now has nearly 400 members. Resumption of the season next September on the meadow of the Montée de Silhol stadium.

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