The CirkVOST company returns to install its installations in Frontignan

The CirkVOST company returns to install its installations in Frontignan

La troupe de cirque a installé ses caravanes sur le site de La Peyrade. MIDI LIBRE – PHILIPPE MALRIC

Habituée à des résidences sur le site spécialisé de Frontignan, la compagnie de cirque, spécialisée dans la voltige aérienne, sera présente jusqu'au 28 avril.

On this Monday, April 15, there were only the company's caravans installed on the site of the La Peyrade marquees in Frontignan. But the landscape will quickly change in the days to come with the construction of the stage structure of CirkVOST, this circus company specializing in aerial aerobatics.

A residency scheduled until April 28

Regular to the place, this troupe returns to reside in the town for its show Leave, stay a little (In sity).Until April 28, she will work on her aerobatics and music show. Evolving 15 meters above the ground, the aerobatics and acrobats of CirkVOST arouse each time they come for 12 years the same wonder among spectators and walkers who surprise a work session along the canal.

A show on the start

For Leave, stay a little (in sity), the circus artists will refine a show mixing music and aerial aerobatics which explores the’ universe of departure, return, voluntary or forced estrangement with its share of joys, anxieties and nostalgia. It will also be an opportunity for everyone to discover a show in progress since the company will show the progress of its work on this new show free of charge during a single performance. nbsp;!

Exit of residence open to the public, Friday April 26, 6 p.m. Marquee space, avenue du Stade Municipal Free (standing) Info: 04 67 18 54 92/ I subscribe to read more

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