The City rewards the dynamic leaders of the Violettes

The City rewards the dynamic leaders of the Violettes

Josyane Chabaud, Richard Tibérino, Anne-Marie Molla, Grégoire Abad and Chantal Barbusse.

This Friday will remain an important date for the Violettes club in Saint-Césaire. While all the members were gathered in the Jean-Bonfils room to participate in the traditional meal marking the closure of the club for the summer period, a nice surprise awaited Grégoire Abad, president of the association, Anne-Marie Molla, vice-treasurer, and Josyane Chabaud, vice-secretary. They were presented, for their volunteer work, with the medal of the city of Nîmes from the hands of Richard Tibérino, president of the neighborhood council, accompanied by Chantal Barbusse, deputy delegate for social action.

A happiness that never comes alone, Chantal Barbusse announced to President Abad that the proceeds from the sale of products made by the CCAS senior workshops will be donated to her club. Richard Tibérino did not hide his satisfaction at being present for the event: "In these complicated times it's t good to find myself in this association that I have been around for 23 years. It’s always a great pleasure for me. Little anecdote, I remember dancing a lot with Josyane Chabaud. The City wanted to honor three people who make the club shine, it’s deserved." Chantal Barbusse thanked the recipients "for everything you do for this club". As for Grégoire Abad, moved, he underlined "the usefulness of this club to seniors. We forget the worries of everyday life thanks to the multiple activities and the good atmosphere that reigns here. These medals represent great recognition for our efforts, and the City is thanked.

All these emotions had the gift of whetting the appetite of the elders of Saint-Césaire who reveled in a Sète rust before doing a few dance steps, " just to digest", as an elder commented. They will meet again at the start of the school year in September.

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