The Clermontaises hold on and catch the leader Pays des Nestes at home

The Clermontaises hold on and catch the leader Pays des Nestes at home

Battus à l’aller, Abou El Maali et Clermont ont fait un gros match chez le premier de la poule, leader invaincu. Midi Libre – A.M.

The team which was reduced in this postponed Nationale 3 match came close to the feat in Lannemezan during the penultimate day of the regular phase. 

Assured of 3rd place in their National 3 group, the girls of HBC Clermont Salagou went for a 35-35 draw in Lannemezan this Saturday, February 3, at the leader Pays des Nestes who had them largely beaten in the first leg…

And who had won all his matches up until then! They bring back two precious points which will count during the accession group in which both teams are sure to participate.

Tactical and mental

"We're going there with a reduced squad of 8 players who played a serious match, with a lot of rigor that we can even win in the end. It’s very positive, points out Hugo Lipari deprived of several important elements for this match scheduled a week earlier and postponed. We knew it would play out tactically and mentally, we were prepared for it. The goal was to stay in contact to make them doubt. This is exactly what happened."

The game got off to a bad start, with the locals scoring the first 4 goals before breaking away (4-0, 5th then 14-9, 22nd). The Clermontaises, led by their fullback Barthélemy (11 goals), gradually returned to the match and reduced the gap to three goals at the break (18-15). Dardé allowed the team to get back together (20-20, 36th) before taking the advantage through Costal (28-29th, 49th). Abou EL Maali gave the team another goal in the last minute but Pays des Nestes pulled back straight away (35-35).

"We still have one last very important match which can position us well in the promotion group if we win." adds the coach. The team hosts 2nd, Montpellier/Frontignan this Saturday at home. With again points to take for the future…

HBCCS : Kaddour (l., 9 saves), Dardé (cap., 7 goals), Abou El Maali (9), Barthélemy (11), Beneteau (2), Costal (5), Laugier , Ortiz (1).

At home on Saturday evening, the boys beat Bruguières 27-24 (13-14) which they join in 4th place in Prénational. HBCCS: Lévy (8 saves), Rimele (6 saves), Geay (8 goals), A. Lelièvre (cap., 1), Cariat (4), Gamba, Leleu (2), M. Lelièvre (1), Lipari (2), Morin (2), Petrocchi (3), Pigot (3), Quignon (1). I subscribe to read more

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