The company Aqua Grimpe unveils the terms of opening of the Alice Milliat sports complex in Millau

The company Aqua Grimpe unveils the terms of opening of the Alice Milliat sports complex in Millau

Les nageurs pourront bientôt profiter du bassin de 50m. Midi libre – Maxime Cohen

Le complexe sportif Alice Milliat, qui comprend salle d’escalade et piscine, ouvre ses portes le 15 juin. Toutes les modalités ont été dévoilées par Aqua Grimpe, le prestataire.

Three years of work instead of a year and a half. Both the community and Aqua Grimpe were eager for the moment of the final opening of the sports complex to arrive. Validated by community council in January 2020, the sports complex which includes swimming pool and climbing room, was planned for 2022. It will finally open its doors on Saturday June 15, 2024 (10 a.m. – 8 p.m. swimming pool and 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. climbing).

Simple slots for climbing

The opportunity for Aqua Grimpe and Vincent Thomas, its director, to reveal the opening arrangements. On the climbing side, "the opening slots will be simple", he introduces. Monday to Friday, 12 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. The proposed price will be 12€ for residents of the community of communes Millau grands causses, 14€ for all. Subscription options are available, which can be consulted on the venue's website. Sessions will be offered from ages 4 to adults, both for competition and leisure.

Approved for national competitions

The 50m pool will indeed be able to host national competitions. With certificate in hand, Vincent Thomas, the director of Aqua Climb, assures us.  "It meets national standards, we have received approval from the French Federation of swimming and it will be displayed on the screen. the’reception", he continues. "It’is a Millavian rumor that came out of who knows where? but it is well approved." It is thus up to standard to accommodate the two plates which allow precise timing.é ;nbsp;"It’It’is now up to the club to apply to host the competitions." The climbing room has already been renovated. had the opportunity to host the regional finals of difficulty on his new wall. The weather conditions did not allow the public to take advantage of the outdoors to attend the show with the curtain open.

In the water, the slots adapt according to the days and periods, the details can be found on the fresh website of the Alice Milliat sports complex. Here too, new activities will be available. during the day, accessible to as many people as possible. "We wanted to develop a large family of sports health" activities, specifies Vincent Thomas. The range is wide: Aquagym, Aqua senior (for those over 65), Aquabike, Aquafins, Aqua Stand up, Aquafitness, Aqua mixed, Aqua phobia. For pure swimming, "it goes from baby swimmers to high school teenagers, adds the director. For those who want to move towards competition, the club will never be far away." He continues: "We wanted to significantly increase the number of activities because the surface area increased accordingly. We have almost tripled the slots open to the public." The pricing has also increased a little, to 4.90€ for residents of the community of communes for a single ticket. "If we take out a subscription for the year, this can cost us 15.20€ per month, specifies Vincent Thomas. In June 2021 we were at 4€ for the unit ticket which did not take into account VAT, this is what justifies the increase." Outside the community of communes, swimmers will have to pay 6.60€ for their unique entry.  The complete price list can be found on the sports complex website.

Some figures on the sports complex

-44%: this is the saving of energy consumption compared to an equivalent surface thanks to geothermal energy. Thanks to à the pump à geothermal heat on a layer, which recovers water in a layer at a low temperature. 70 meters deep, 80% of needs can be covered.

27,720,000 euros: The total cost of the equipment is 27,720,000 euros. nbsp;€. It is financed à 22% by the City, 13% by the Department and the Region and by various subsidies such as the DSIL (local investment support grant, Editor's note), state aid which has made it possible to cover 400,000 euros in total, including 250,000 euros in 2023 and 150,000 euros in 2024. ;euro; in 2024. The self-financing of the project is height of 40%.

500m²: This is the surface area of ​​the free access climbing area The bouldering room is 182m² on the ground, the competition room is 335m² on the ground. It will be possible to rent the equipment on site.

Access for associations

As this sports complex has a relaxation area, weight training and meeting rooms, the city's associations will have access to these spaces. &amp “This is the same for the Aqua Grimpe association which rents them to the SAS”, adds the director. For the summer, the 25m pool should be geared towards leisure activities. "We are expecting two 13m inflatable structures, like those that we can see on the lakes." The 50m pool, outdoors, will be more dedicated to sports activities.&amp ;nbsp;"We are pleased to finally see the end of this project, adds Jean-Pierre Mas, elected to Sports.& nbsp;Getting to the end of this project was not easy and the result is good today." A relaxing, calm space is also expected. Ideal for those who have been at the heart of the file, from its genesis, to the&# 39;opening. 

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