The company MJ2 Technologies, based in La Cavalerie, cultivates continuity in change

The company MJ2 Technologies, based in La Cavalerie, cultivates continuity in change

Emmanuel Gazel a rendu visite à Antoine Py, Martin Rey et Arnaud Durand à la tête de la société Green 12. AD

Implantée à La Cavalerie, la société qui produit des turbines hydroélectriques soufflera 20 bougies en 2024. L’année du renouveau pour le groupe désormais géré par un trio d’actionnaires.

In anticipation of a special anniversary, the company MJ2 Technologies received a visit from Emmanuelle Gazel, in her capacity as regional advisor, who came to feel the pulse of this southern industrial flagship Aveyronnais who will celebrate their 20th birthday in June.

An anniversary which is accompanied by a profound change with the sale of the company started last year for the benefit of a triumvirate, also local , supported by Marc Leclerc, known as "the dinosaur", founder and former sales director of MJ2 with 5 % of the shares.

Since the end of last year, Millavois Antoine Py and Martin Rey and Saint-Affricain Arnaud Durand have shared the remaining 95% within the Green 12 company which now presides over the reputation of the company. rsquo;company which develops hydroelectric turbines for very low heads called VLH (very low head).

This registered innovation – 2024, also coincides with the arrival of the patent in the public domain – which has made the popularity of the cream of the South Aveyron industry who want to take advantage of this "new departure" to establish a little more its control over the French and European market for small hydraulic power plants. With an installed fleet of 150 turbines around the world for a team of around thirty employees.

Encouraging future"

VLHs but also other more conventional models designed, assembled, tested and controlled at La Cavalerie. The historic stronghold of the group which could evolve very soon, the new shareholders having expressed the wish to construct a new building more in line with the values ​​they defend, that is to say more respectful of the environment and therefore less energy consuming.

A sobriety that we find in the French supply network to the tune of 77% of the added value generated by MJ2. The new management having learned the lessons of the Covid crisis, and the impact – "the price rise has affected us full potentially" – of the Ukrainian conflict on the entire logistical aspect.

Now "left for 20 years", MJ2 Technologies has been able to turn the tide and is holding its ground with a consolidated turnover of 10.3 million euros; for a net result of around 300,000 euros. "Encouraging", validates the trio. As are the outlook for the group, which is based on an already full order book for both 2024 and the following year. This, without counting the maintenance and after-sales service aspect, which is constantly evolving.

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