The controversy over marshmallows, the relegation place, a Croco not far from the Blues… the latest news from Nîmes Olympique

The controversy over marshmallows, the relegation place, a Croco not far from the Blues… the latest news from Nîmes Olympique

Dagui Paviot et les Crocos ont préparé l’important déplacement à Dijon aux Antonins, ce mercredi 27 mars. MIDI LIBRE – E. DZ.

The controversy over the "marshmallows", the return of international Orphé Mbina, the work in front of the cage at the Antonins stadium, the late matches which put Nîmes back in a relegation position (13th) & nbsp;: the update after training on Wednesday March 27 and before the trip to Dijon (7th), this Friday. NO seeks the path to the goal and its goal, maintenance.

Return to the Antonins… and in front of the cursed cages. "You see that we are working in front of the goal !" We never doubted it, coach Bompard. But last Friday against Marignane (1-1), Nîmes had 13 clear chances and only put one in the net, so it's normal to wonder.

Facing the trio of goalkeepers Paradowski, Cozzella and the very roomy Ondoa, the offensive players were placed in the best conditions, near the cage, to score goals, Wednesday morning March 27 at the Antonins. It was Thibault Giresse, Frédéric Bompard’s deputy, who headed the attacking workshop. Who did rather well, like Sané, Mbina, Thoumin known as "la Thoume", or even Mbemba, Laurens and Camara. Gabonese top scorer Mbina and the Cameroonian goalkeeper challenged each other, as did Paradowski and Mbemba. "Arm quickly because in a match, you don’have no time", insisted Giresse.

Mbina back, not Ngakoutou.It was the good news of the day: Mbina was already back in Nîmes, after having honored two new selections with Gabon. One hour of play as a starter against Senegal (3-0 defeat) and ten minutes against Congo (1-1). On the other hand, Ngakoutou, also called to represent his country, the Central African Republic, has not yet returned to Nîmes.

Paradowski not called up for the French team, small disappointment. With his status as a National starter and his small dozen clean sheet in the championship, Tao Paradowski hoped to be called up to the French youth team (U19) during this international break. He was ultimately shortlisted but not selected.

Picouleau and Mexico at rest."They do a lot of kilometers in matches. We left them to rest at the Bastide, in care,” said coach Bompard about his two midfield captains, Picouleau and Mexico. They will enjoy the trip to Dijon, no problem. Returning from injury, defenders Sy and Diouf have trained normally and are applying to return to the group.

Relegated again. To the disadvantage of Villefranche's victory at Avranches, Tuesday evening (3-1) in a late match, Nîmes Olympique became relegated again 8 days from the end of the championship. Which did not seem to disturb the morale of the Crocodiles during the training session at the Antonins. Like the chambering of Ronny Labonne, nicknamed Ronny "The good"…

Controversy: "marshmallows" did not like it. According to our information, Frédéric Bompard's recent release on "marshmallows" at a press conference did not please some former Crocos at all. "Last season, we went down because I had marshmallows on the pitch", the Gard coach had castigated.

Having spoken about it with certain players, we can tell you that they didn't like it at all. And when we see the performances of the majority of them this season (Lopy, Vargas, Tchokounté or Saïd who shine in Ligue 2, Djiga who played in the Champions League with Belgrade, De Gevigney who stands out at Barnsley in English D3 or Maraval solid in the post at Rouen in National, or even Pagis who played in Ligue 1 with Lorient before being loaned to Laval in L2), difficult to prove them wrong…< /p>

To read in your Midi Libre on Thursday March 28 (Gard edition). The interview with Kelyan Guessoum, who explains his departure from Nîmes Olympique after ten years at the club. And he had things to say…

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