The Convivencia writing competition honored its best pens

The Convivencia writing competition honored its best pens

Les lauréats du concours Convivencia.

La cérémonie de remise des prix a eu lieu jeudi 30 mai, au lycée Jean-Moulin.

The awards ceremony for the winners of the Convivencia writing competition took place Thursday, May 30, at the Jean-Moulin high school, under the aegis of Claudine Dars-Denise, the project coordinator, and with Patrice Bourderiou, author from Béziers, as guest of honor.

Texts on the theme &quot ;It's heating up"

As a reminder, this writing competition brought together, this year, 4th and 3rd grade middle school students from Krafft, Jean-Perrin and Clardeluna (Mauraussan), as well as high school students from Jean-Moulin, Mermoz, Henri-IV and Marc-Bloch (Sérignan). Without forgetting the teachers and staff of establishments wishing to participate. Objective: write a text on the theme "It's heating up".

Around a hundred students as well as parents, teachers and Émilie Lhuillier, mission manager "Letters-history-geography" at the National Education Inspectorate and creator of the competition in 2004, were present. Claudine Dars-Denise presented the theme of the prize “Super cool quiz", a questionnaire intended for students to make some comments on the texts; the winner – drawn at random – is Jordan (Henri-IV).

The winners were then revealed by category. For the 4th and 3rd grade students, Fatma Atak from Kraft College won with Harassment. The others rewarded are: Dina Boulaïch for The exploitation of children; Rachel Vergnes for Disabled; Héloïse Christian for Leather hote and Nora Vidal for It heats up and then ?

For high school students, Luckenzo Abbalea, from Mermoz, was rewarded for The story of Robber, the polar bear on his rock, in front of Guillaume Ludwig -Lemirre and Quentin Roubignac, "a double feather" who somewhat surprised the jury with The gluttonous Fox.

Following: Samuel Boissin and Ali Chahbouni for Hello everyone, we are two worried scientists… ; Jules Dian and Siyhan Sauvage in L'écho de la terre – A poetic call for environmental resilience and Maryam Jouma with Words and last moments.

< p>In the adult category, Claudine Dars-Denise for Torche Teatcher was chosen ahead of Ludivine Garcia for Kaleidoscope and Marie Jeannin with Heat does not come from the sun, all three teachers at Jean-Moulin. The special jury prize goes to Kekiane Kamardine, for L'Omniscient.

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