The costières-de-Nîmes finally assume their excellence

The costières-de-Nîmes finally assume their excellence

Les costières-de-nîmes sont prêts à conquérir le monde. ALISSANDRE ALLEMAND – Alissandre Allemand

The appellation, almost forty years old, unveiled its new graphic identity this Tuesday, April 30. Which combines terroir and authenticity to make Gard excellence ring in every glass. From Nîmes, to San Francisco, via Berlin to Hong Kong.

Goodbye imposter syndrome! The winegrowers of Costières-de-Nîmes finally dare to fully embrace their know-how, their values ​​and the increasingly highlighted quality of their nectars. Having long suffered from being considered the little thing, or the cousin of the thing or the big contraption, neighboring vintages and great wines oblige, the appellation spreads its wings and flies to conquer the most demanding oenophiles.

Maturity and elegance

If the quality of Costières wines is no longer to be proven, (you just need to delve into the wine lists of great restaurants to see some good places for vintages Gardoises), it was not always easy, for some, to take on this new notoriety, or even this recognition. And yet! The Costières-de-Nîmes terroir is unique in its kind. "Magique", Aurélie Pujol, director of the Costières union, and Cyril Marès, the president, even say in unison. Having the authorship of wines which combine "the freshness of a sea breeze and the strength of rolled pebbles".

Because, they are unanimous, "our terroir is exceptional and it’is an attribute which until now has ultimately been little highlighted . We are lucky enough to have not only the famous rolled pebbles (which are the heyday of Châteauneuf-du-Pape in particular ; Editor's note) but also&nbsp ;deep soils which allow the vines to draw deep into the earth and therefore not suffer from drought", analyzes Aurélie Pujol. < em>"In addition, thanks to a window on the sea, the terroir benefits from the sea breeze, which refreshes the berries on summer nights and brings to the wines, white and rosé in priority , a recognized freshness and a certain salinity."


Serious assets that winegrowers have chosen to highlight by thinking about their image. What are the fundamentals of the appellation ? What reason for existence ? What developments in 40 years of the appellation ? "This colossal work was done over time. Because it seemed essential to us that everyone could participate and find their way there, explains Cyril Marès. Helped by communication professionals, the entire appellation took part in the game. Among the common values, authenticity, respect for nature and a sense of sharing are well back in the lead.

Thus were born a graphic charter and a simple and refined logo. With colors reminiscent of soils and vines. Exit the omnipresent magenta pink. "Super identifiable, but that prevented some people from taking us seriously". From now on, sand, terracotta and denim blue predominate. The opportunity also to transport foreign customers to the heart of Gard. Jérôme Castillon, the vice-president, has just returned from an English master class and is formal: "Clients and even more foreigners want to travel while enjoying a glass of wine. Our region offers us the chance to offer them a magnificent journey through the Gard lands. And there is no doubt that the sobriety and softness of the graphic charter facilitate the imagination.< /p>

And let the people of Gard rest assured, if the English had the scoop on the discovery, it is during the Pentecost fair, at the Costières bodega, that the new image will be revealed , celebrated and washed down with great wines from May 16.

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