The cultural project of the Boudon hotel in Nîmes starts with a musical season

The cultural project of the Boudon hotel in Nîmes starts with a musical season

Le concert inaugural avec François-Xavier Roth. – Hocine Rouagdia

Piloté par A-B, le projet culturel de l'hôtel Boudon à Nîmes est une mosaïque couvrant toutes les disciplines. 

Created with the complicity of artists like Jean-Louis Trintignant, Bernadette Lafont, Marc Lavoine or Eric Elmosnino, the A-B cultural project began around fifteen years ago with readings in the jasmine fragrances of the courtyard of 9, in the heart of the Nîmes Crest. It is deployed today at the Hôtel Boudon, rue de Bernis, an 18th century building, remarkably restored after two and a half years of work, just opposite the Hôtel de Bernis, which has just also open its doors to the public.

Music, theater, lyric, contemporary art, cinema, literature… Chaired by Etienne Cuenant, A-B has carte blanche for the future. The goal is to bring together all the disciplines in one place, each time associating a recognized personality. The classical music season has already begun with a concert focusing on Spanish music with conductor François-Xavier Roth at the helm.

Les Volques and its artistic director Carole Roth-Dauphin are in charge of the programming. "We will start modestly with one meeting per month until October", explains the violist who will present this Sunday May 12, at 6 p.m., a musical reading based on the texts of the Italian artist Giuseppe Penone, in the company of the actress Emma Morin. As a counterpoint to the thoughts from Respirer l’ombre, Carole Roth-Dauphin will perform tunes by Bach and Corelli and improvise.

Concerts programmed by the Volques

"The place is magnificent, you have the impression of being in a small palace and the acoustics are very good", continues the musician. With its vast garden where lemon trees grow, it will be able to host readings, shows, screenings, etc. Exhibitions will be set up in the indoor lounges. The hotel will also present masterclasses and will be able to host artists in residence. During the Les Volques festival, events will take place on site.

For now, only the season devoted to chamber music is known in detail and it is particularly attractive. Quickly put together, thanks to the address book and friendships of Carole Roth-Dauphin, it will continue on Sunday June 9, with An evening in Venice  with tenor Carlos Natale and a string quartet of soloists from Les Siècles. Sunday July 22, carte blanche to pianist Jean-François Heisser. Sunday August 30, Souvenir de Florence, in the company of Tchaikovsky and Beethoven by the string sextet Les Pléiades. Sunday September 8, the trio Les Volques offers a Serenade with Schubert and Beethoven. Finally, Sunday October 7, an authentic Fauré concert, with cellist Marc Coppey and pianist François Dumont.

The concerts take place at 6 p.m. Hotel Boudon, 4 rue de Bernis, Nîmes. 30 €. 30 €. 06 18 85 37 43.

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