The dwarf fight still planned, rotten meat seized, farmers still angry: the main news in the region

The dwarf fight still planned, rotten meat seized, farmers still angry: the main news in the region

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The dwarf fight moved ?

#TOULOUSE. This Wednesday, March 13, DD Event, an event organization agency, announced on TikTok that it was organizing a very special clash in Toulouse. The video promotes a "dwarf fight" which is to take place in a nightclub in the Pink City.

The images have been viewed more than 400,000 times. Faced with the revolt of associations and certain members of the government, the organizers decided to cancel the fight planned in the nightclub. According to La Dépêche, the organizers are now seeking to postpone it to the outskirts of Toulouse, in Blagnac, in a sports hall. The mayor says "wants to issue an order to prohibit" this type of show.

Farmers still angry

#GARD. The anger of farmers has not subsided and is still reflected in several “sporadic” actions, particularly in supermarkets. Another question mobilizes minds: but where are we with the payment of emergency aid ? The president of Bienvenue à la ferme dans le Gard, Patrick Viala sums up the feeling of many of his colleagues: "Apparently, the expression « emergency measures do not have the same meaning among those who govern. In viticulture, we are waiting and in organic the aid will be paid one month late, i.e. on April 15 instead of March 15. It's unfortunate to see that, despite the announcements, we haven't seen anything concrete yet." < /p>

This is one measure of this crisis, an emergency fund for viticulture of 80 M€ is mobilized for the departments which have winegrowers in greatest difficulty. The wine industry will meet on Wednesday March 20.

The patiently restored loude has returned to the sea

#SETE. This Saturday March 16 marked the final stage of a thirty-year-long adventure. A moment "fabulous and moving at the same time", as recalled by the volunteers of Voiles Latines, the Sète association which refloated the last loude, this old Tunisian rig fallen into oblivion.

The association acquired it in 2016, when the boat, stranded on the edge of the Barcarès pond, was in a pitiful state. Getting it out of the water took three years, then it took four years to restore it. Real "racing boat", rather "physical to handle", the old rigging is a witness to the past. The restoration was carried out in the tradition of Tunisian shipyards. 

The Path of Discord

#BEZIERS. At the call of the Peace Movement, demonstrators have, for the tenth consecutive year, renamed rue du Commandant-Denoix-de-Saint-Marc, in Béziers, to rename it rue du 19 -March, this Saturday March 16. A symbolic act.

As a reminder, just after his election, on March 14, 2015, the mayor, Robert Ménard, officially renamed the rue du 19-Mars-1962, which paid tribute to the ceasefire in Algeria, to rename it after the name of the coup officer.

Today’s figure: 150

#MONTPELLIER. More than 150 kg of spoiled food were seized from various businesses in the Tournezy and Saint-Roch station districts during checks recently carried out by State services (Departmental Directorate of Employment, Labor and Solidarity ) and the City of Montpellier.

Food unfit for consumption, whose expiry date had passed for more than a year, were seized in particular from catering establishments.


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