The employees of the Saint-Affrique slaughterhouse have been paid and are meeting with the administrator this Monday, June 10

The employees of the Saint-Affrique slaughterhouse have been paid and are meeting with the administrator this Monday, June 10

Depuis le 14 mars, date du retrait de l’agrément sanitaire par le préfet, les salariés ne travaillent plus. Midi Libre – J.M COGNOT

Le conseil communautaire veut retrouver un acteur économique pour faire fonctionner cet outil.

The SAS Abattoir Sud-Aveyron Saint-Affrique, which reopened on October 16, saw its health approval withdrawn by the prefect of Aveyron on March 14. Since then, the establishment has ceased its activity. The employees, apparently thirty-one in number, are no longer working. The Rodez commercial court declared on Tuesday May 28 the opening of a judicial recovery procedure with the cessation of payment date being Wednesday May 22.

Since Wednesday June 5, Liazid Sadali has been the president of the SAS. He replaces Stéphane Slimani. Jean-François Blanc was appointed administrator and Christine Dauverchain legal representative. According to Éric Apolit, one of the employees of the slaughterhouse, it seems that the salaries for March, April and May were finally paid to the employees: "but we didn’ ;rsquo;has not received the April and May pay slips, so we do not know if the total amount has been paid or not."

"Deplorable and regrettable situation"

Still, the president of SAS Abattoir du Sud-Aveyron Saint-Affrique sent a letter dated June 4 to employees. He invites them to participate this Monday, June 10, in the premises of the slaughterhouse, in a meeting "in the presence of the judicial administrator" for the "inform of the opening of the judicial recovery procedure and its consequences."

During the community council meeting on Thursday, June 6, the subject was raised in public session following a question asked by Fabien Carles, elected opposition official. For Sébastien David, president of the community of communes which owns the walls, the situation of the slaughterhouse today is "deplorable and regrettable. Following the receivership, there was a period of uncertainty and turbulence."

The pass of arms between Sébastien David and Clément Carles

"I have already had the opportunity to remind you, Mr. Carles, that for my part I have always associated you as an advisor regional, with all the protagonists,"declared Sébastien David. "When we had no news from the operator of the slaughterhouse, the state services did not had no news, after having had a meeting with you, I found it a little inappropriate that you left the meeting and went to the regional office in Millau to meet yourself and only the operator who operated the slaughterhouse. I don't believe that by playing solo, we advance such a complex issue." Clément Carles replied: "When someone requests a meeting with the president of the Region, it is the President of the Region who receives them. When it is prevented, it is an elected official delegated by his person who receives them. I informed you of this the same evening of my meeting with the leaders. They asked us for aid of 15,000 € to 25,000 € for each employee, more cash and to buy cutting workshops."

"We had regular discussions with all the staff, particularly on something which in my opinion is unacceptable with the delay or the delay. lack of employee salaries. We did everything we could in terms of facilitation with the labor inspectorate and the sub-prefecture."  Sébastien David recalled that the City activated a solidarity system by giving employees a travel voucher. He also received farmers with a collective project who wanted to have control over the slaughter.

Message from the community council

In addition, Sébastien David announced that he would meet the judicial administrator on Monday June 10 at 11:30 a.m., at the slaughterhouse. Meeting to which he invited Clément Carles, also regional advisor. Sébastien David informed that the operator of the slaughterhouse initiated proceedings with the administrative court in which he contested the removal of his approval: "They made a summary judgment and they were dismissed."

In conclusion, Sébastien David renewed: "the message that the community council brings to the slaughterhouse staff. They all want to work. They know their job well, they are volunteers. And I bring a message of patience to all the farmers who bring in small quantities of the volumes to be slaughtered. Our desire is to find an economic actor capable of running this slaughterhouse."

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