The football section of Jean-Moulin high school, in Béziers, racing to go to Clairefontaine

The football section of Jean-Moulin high school, in Béziers, racing to go to Clairefontaine

Les joueurs de la section football pourraient vivre la plus belle expérience de leur jeune carrière.

Qualifiés pour les quarts de finale du challenge Leroy, le championnat de France des sections football, les footballeurs du lycée Jean-Moulin reçoivent Epinal, ce mardi 5 mars à 14 h, au stade de Sauclières.

This year, the football section is running at full speed at the Jean-Moulin high school in Béziers. The results continue to surprise: last month, the women were in Paris for the French UNSS 11-a-side football championships. Tuesday March 5 at 2 p.m., at the Sauclières stadium, the boys will host Epinal in the quarter-finals of the Leroy challenge. 

"The support club for our football section is AS Béziers, explains Pierre Hugues, the referent teacher of the football section in Jean-Moulin. The players are licensed to the club and take a  UNSS license in high school, we have around 80 students in this section, girls and boys combined." These students have a timetable arranged in order to be able to I train with the ASB club and sometimes during section-specific sessions.

A semi-final up for grabs

This year, the boys'team, which relies on 7 players from the U19 National group of the ASB, managed to reach the quarter-finals of the Leroy challenge. After a good group phase, finishing in 2nd place in their group of six, the Biterrois dismissed Annecy in the eighth. This Tuesday, March 5, they host Epinal for a place in the semi-final.

"I called on my colleagues to get the high school to mobilize, rejoices ;section coach. So we will have several classes coming to the stadium to encourage us. It's a good thing, plus it's, whatever happens, their last match in Béziers this season."& nbsp; Because, in the event of qualification in the semi-final, the Biterrois would meet at Clairefontaine, the lair of the French team, to compete in the last four of the competition. 

On the women's side, the team is not left out. After their qualification for the French UNSS 11-a-side football championships, the Biterroises also performed well in futsal. This Wednesday, March 6, they will travel to Albi to play the inter-academic final. A victory against the Tarnaises would allow them to validate their ticket for the French UNSS futsal championships. A nice double!

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