“The girls are very motivated”: the ambition of the Sussargues FC women before the regional final

“The girls are very motivated”: the ambition of the Sussargues FC women before the regional final

David Casteil (à droite) et ses joueuses seront ambitieux.

Les féminines du Sussargues FC (Hérault) vont disputer, en fin de semaine, la finale régionale du Challenge Futsal National Féminin.

David Casteil, after winning a first phase at the beginning of the month, your players will participate this weekend in the regional final of the National Women's Futsal Challenge. What do you expect from this meeting??

Above all, have a lot of fun. We will be opposed to high quality teams (Editor's note: Trapel FC, Toulouse Métropole, Espoir Club Toulousain) who only play futsal, while for our part, we also play traditional football. 8. It will probably be a little more complicated for us, but I am convinced that we will have our chances. The girls are motivated, they want to go far and win this final.

Your players practice both disciplines: traditional eight-a-side football and futsal. What does this bring them in their journey ?

Many things. Already, this allows us to have different experiences and to have more matches during the season. Practicing futsal also allows us to progress in certain areas. I am of course thinking of technique, but also of physique. Futsal is a very physically demanding discipline, especially in terms of cardio. The game almost never stops, as goalkeepers can only hold the ball for four seconds and touches must also be made within that time frame. What is interesting is that these are two very complementary practices. The girls have as much fun on the lawns as on the parquet floors. I remember, for example, that when we won the first phase at the beginning of the month, we were all super happy. These are moments and emotions that we never forget in a collective.

On a personal level, how are you experiencing this experience at the head of this group ?

I'm enjoying it. I took over the team this season with my nephew (Editor's note: Dereck Vrzal), who also brings us all his skills as an assistant. To be very honest, we both have a lot of fun, it’s a great pleasure to coach this team. And I hope this is still just the beginning.

See you this Saturday, March 30, early in the afternoon at the Charles Cros gymnasium in Carcassonne. I subscribe to read more

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