The HBC Clermont girls win and reposition themselves

The HBC Clermont girls win and reposition themselves

Solides dans le combat, Luna Costal et les locales ont usé leurs adversaires. Midi Libre – A.M.

Nationale 3. Battues à Mende une semaine plus tôt, elles ont rectifié le tir à la maison face à Pechbonnieu lors de la 2e journée de la Poule d'accession. 

A week after being shaken and beaten in Mende at the opening of the accession group for Nationale 2, the girls from HBC Clermont Salagou reacted well. This Saturday, March 9 at home, they dominated a great team from Pechbonnieu 32-28.

The game changes in the last quarter of an hour

"We built this match, little by little, being led but remaining in contact. And as soon as we tightened the defense, trying to be more mobile in front of our goal, we got back together, analyzes the coach , Hugo Lipari. There were some good players up front but we managed to wear them down in the fight before making the difference at the end."

The HBC Clermont girls win and reposition themselves

Marie Lluengo and Clermont turned the match in their favor against a strong opponent, 1st in the other group after the regular phase Free Midday – A.M.

The visitors, first in their group at the end of the first leg, were in the lead in the first half (15-17). They regained a three-goal lead after the break (19-22, 36th) but Dardé's teammates (12 goals) chipped away at their deficit to catch up with a goal from Laugier (24-24, 42nd) before taking the lead. rsquo;advantage for the first time in the meeting by Barthélemy. They were no longer joined and even had the luxury of finishing on a +4.

A crucial match in Perpignan on Saturday

"As soon as the players practice, they become better and have fun on the pitch." adds the coach. This victory keeps the team in 5th place, just two points behind co-leaders Pays des Nestes and Mende before going to Perpignan this Saturday March 16 for a decisive match which will determine the ambitions of the team. team this season. 

HBCCS : Kaddour (l., 12 saves), Dardé (cap., 12 goals), Abou El Maali (4), Barthelémy (8), Costal (1), Dumont, Laugier (3) , Lluengo (2), Machouk, Ortiz (2).

The boys put in a great performance by beating Villefranche-de-Lauragais, co-leader of Prénational, at home. Thibaut Bouzige's players won 26-23 (13-11). HBCCS: Levy (l; 10 saves, 1 goal), Rimele (l., 2), Lelièvre (cap., 2 goals), Geay (9), Leleu (3), Lipari (5), Morin (2), Petrocchi (2), Mathis Quignon (2), Mathéo Quignon. The club is in 3rd place in its championship before hosting Juvignanc this Saturday March 16 when the first two, Carcassonne and Villefranche-de-Lauragais will face each other.

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