The history of the village told to Samuel-Paty primary school students

The history of the village told to Samuel-Paty primary school students

Francis Brun, top right, explaining the history of the washhouse, a place reserved for women, built in 1896.

The story of Saint-Césaire told to the students of the Samuel-Paty primary school in Mas-Roman: this is the very great initiative put in place by the school officials, Antony Pougnard , director of the elementary school, Clémence Repkat, director of the kindergarten, and the president of the Saint-Césaire Heritage Association, Francis Brun.

During several days, Francis Brun, an expert amateur historian on the subject, told the children the history of his village, through his explanations on different historical sites. "These children know little or nothing about the history of the place in which they learn, explains Francis Brun. AtStarting from existing heritage, such as the wash house, the stone table or the well on the Place du Griffe, I tell them, succinctly of course, how Saint-Césaire was born et how its inhabitants lived through different periods. Transmitting history is the reason for our association. I of course adapt my explanations to the age of the children, depending on the class present."

Surprised by the wash house, used until 1965

< p>It was Océane Beaufils' CM1 students who inaugurated this series of visits. The wash house, the start of the visit, immediately caught the attention of the students, who were both very interested and surprised by the way laundry was done in a time not so long ago. " Built in 1896, it was supplied with water in 1903 and was used until 1965. It was a place reserved for women who came to wash their clothes, men should not come there. The washing machine then arrived in the houses, signaling the end of the washhouse." A real discovery for these young people, this washhouse was the subject of numerous questions about its operation between others, like all the other places visited.

This initiative, which received unanimous support from the participants, large or small, is a source of inspiration to enhance the instruction children, an idea certainly to be followed.

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