The Indiana Djeuns, four friends from Saint-Jean-de-Védas will participate in the Red Bull soapbox race

The Indiana Djeuns, four friends from Saint-Jean-de-Védas will participate in the Red Bull soapbox race

Benoit, Olivier, Thomas et Stéphane s’apprêtent à participer à la course Red Bull. Midi Libre – Valentin Cosson

Quatre Védasiens vont concourir ensemble à la course Red Bull de caisses à savon, le dimanche 2 juin, à Toulouse.

A descent for pleasure and in a good mood, that's what awaits Thomas, Olivier, Benoit and Stéphane, this Sunday. The group of friends from Saint-Jean de Védas will participate in the Red Bull soapbox race, June 2, in Toulouse. The goal is to race down a race track including obstacles with soap boxes made by the participants.

Four Vedasians took on this challenge. "It all started from an ad on television, when I saw that, I sent them a message and everyone was excited to do it&quot ;, says Thomas Parodi, the instigator of this participation. "I often watch soap boxes on TV because the falls make me laugh", confides Benoit, who will push the vehicle to the departure with his friend Stéphane.

Precise specifications

The teams are judged on four criteria: the design of the body; soap, showmanship, pre-race performance as well as the race. The size of the vehicle must not exceed 2.50 meters wide, 5 meters long and 2 meters high. Concerning the weight, the box à soap must not weigh more than 80 kgà empty.

Falls are indeed commonplace in these events, and many falls and accidents occur every year. "At one point, I even thought about putting on my motorcycle gear to protect myself", warns Olivier, soapbox pilot. While his co-pilot Thomas, disguised as Spielberg, shares his fear, "There is a little apprehension about an accident."

400 euros fees

For the theme, the ease of implementation and chance played a role in the decision. "We really struggled with the theme. At first, we started with a cheese platter, then a sarcophagus and it turned into Indiana Jones" details the troop.

It took a long time for the Vedasians to build their vehicle from scratch. "Most of us are freelance so that helps but it takes up a lot of time outside of work", warns Thomas Parodi. The group spent 400 euros to create the soap box, most often using recycled materials, as Olivier explains: "There is almost no nothing new, except the steering wheel and brakes."

The biggest project of their friendship

This is the first time since they met nine years ago that the band has embarked on such a big project. A chance encounter outside school. "We all have children who are the same age in the same school. We became a group of friends quite naturally. We often go fishing together and take the opportunity to have an aperitif." It will be the same to unwind after the race on Sunday.

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