The inspiring journey of Lisa Vidal, the Biterroise winner of the “À voix evenes” eloquence competition

The inspiring journey of Lisa Vidal, the Biterroise winner of the “À voix evenes” eloquence competition

Gagnante du concours d'éloquence, la Biterroise cherche à changer de voie. Midi Libre – Rodrigue Delpas

Accounting manager at the Hérault departmental council, Lisa Vidal has embarked on a career change. His project allowed him to win the jury prize in the civil service eloquence competition.

Some people have a life journey that inspires more than others. Lisa Vidal is one of them. In 2023, Biterroise will win the public service eloquence competition "Equal voice". A deserved reward thanks to a presentation of his very original professional reconversion. 

Accounting manager at the Hérault departmental council, volunteer firefighter and mother raising her 4-year-old daughter alone, the young woman has a busy life. She is not afraid. At 30, she embarked on a career change and resumed her studies: "I have passed the 30-year mark and I' I dared to do what I had always wanted to do, explains Lisa Vidal. I enrolled in a distance learning school and validated my certification in digital marketing, image editing specialization."

And as all this is not enough, she tries her luck in the eloquence competition running in 2023: "We had received an internal communication at work. I had looked at what it was, but nothing more, she smiled. I was just resuming my studies in communication. And since it was about presenting a professional project on video, it was my colleagues who told me that it was a good opportunity to demonstrate that anything was possible."

"Touching people"

A success! La Biterroise produces a very original rendering with shots facing the camera but also shots of her workplace or everyday life. Her video pleases the jury who selects it to make it their favorite. "It's been a lot of work, says the thirty-something. I wanted to touch people, put music on without spoiling the video. I think what struck the jury was that it was out of the ordinary and they didn't expect it at all.”

Strengthened by her new diploma and her victory in the competition, the Biterroise is now considering changing path: "Today, I am still working at the Hérault departmental council, but I am monitoring opportunities to change branches. I love everything related to photography and communication."

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“Equal voices”

"À equal voices" is an interministerial speaking competition dedicated to to women in the public service. Its objective is to promote equality in society. professional relationship between women and men in the public service. This year, for its 2nd edition, the 30 nominated projects will be announced on March 8 . The general public can vote for their favorite project until March 22. The awards ceremony and the announcement of the 10 winners of the 2024 edition will take place on March 29.

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