The Jardins nature 48 association celebrates its ten years of existence in Lozère

The Jardins nature 48 association celebrates its ten years of existence in Lozère

L'association regroupe des jardiniers passionnés et partage les savoirs. Midi Libre – EVA TISSOT

Workshops and activities Saturday May 4, 2024 in Ispagnac, for the anniversary of Jardins nature 48.

Saturday May 4, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., in Ispagnac, in the garden of Jean-Jacques Dufetel, a party is being organized for the 10th anniversary of the Jardins nature 48.~60 association. ~/p>

After a welcome with a hot drink and treats, several workshops are offered in the morning. A botanical walk on the banks of the Tarn, with Sophie Lemmonier; a workshop “We are not cougourdes” with Jean-Jacques Dufetel; a workshop “Tontine made of bamboo” with Raymond Gras; the story tent with Lucie and the grain library, with Gilles, the 10-year-old guestbook to fill out and the 10-year-old book to consult.

A rich program

At lunchtime, small appetizers will be made for an aperitif, while Lucie will tell a story. Then a picnic will be shared and dessert offered by the association with little surprises.

To end this country day, Sophie and Marc Lemonnier will present their show la Bourbouillade, music and stories around plants.

For this day to go as smoothly as possible, it is advisable to notify your presence, specifying whether children will be there; in this case there will be wooden games. It is essential to bring a dish and a drink to share, and if possible a hot drink (coffee, tea or herbal tea for the start and coffee time), as well as a garden chair , a plate and cutlery. The glasses will be those of the association and the chairs will be limited in number. Barnums will shelter from the sun or a few drops of rain. If the weather is very bad, a fallback solution is provided in the Pavilion room. Marking will be made from the two Ispagnac car parks.

For all information and registrations, contact 06 74 77 32 23 (Catherine).

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