The jury of the Tech The Futur event delivered its verdict at the Viavino center in Pays de Lunel

The jury of the Tech The Futur event delivered its verdict at the Viavino center in Pays de Lunel

Alex Larue, Laurent-Emmanuel Migeon, Assia Tria et Jean-Pierre Berthet, jury de ce Tech The Futur (de gauche à droite). A.L – A.L

Three innovative projects were rewarded during this program to accelerate initiatives in favor of ecological, societal and social transitions.

Following the Tech The Futur event, supported by Lunel Agglo, which took place Friday March 1 and Saturday March 2 in Viavino, nine innovative projects were matured and enriched thanks to the& collective intelligence of around sixty students from the Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT) in Alès, coaches with diverse profiles and project leaders (creator or manager ;company).

Saturday at 3 p.m., the students presented the fruit of their reflections to a jury, made up of Assia Tria, director IMT Mines d’Alès, Alex Larue, forerunner of the Development and Transitions Agency, Jean-Pierre Berthet, vice-president of Lunel Agglo in charge of economic development and Laurent-Emmanuel Migeon, CEO of BioUV. At the end of these presentations, three projects addressing the challenge of transitions (social, societal, ecological) were crowned and will be supported. Zoom in on the winners.

1. The Phyco-biotech laboratory

A project led by Gilbert Gay and Emmanuel Sancy, the Phyco-biotech laboratory aims for the ethical marketing of trace elements with high bio-assimilation thanks to a patented culture of microalgae. The objective of the project is to make eco-designed health solutions accessible to as many people as possible. The initiative has won the right to join the Development and Territorial Agency and to benefit from a field mission with the support of IMT Mines Alès . Thus, three students will continue the development project for five weeks next spring.

2. Ver-eatable

Part of a sustainable development approach aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of food production, this project promotes short circuits. With Jonathan Mnich at the head, Ver-eatable wants to develop production for human consumption of insect proteins fed with organic and local foods. Thanks to this innovative idea, the winner will benefit from support from the Via-Innova incubator in Lunel Agglo. She will assist him in his establishment in the Lunel area as well as in his business creation project.

3. Co-box

Third winner of this Tech The Future, Marc Ranchon, with his Co-box project, wishes to facilitate storage and warehousing whether at an individual or a professional. The solutions offered by Co-box aim to contribute to the objective of Zero Net Artificialization (Zan). In this sense, the winner will benefit from membership in the Agency for Development and Transitions and access to its entire ecosystem.

Thanks to these innovative ideas, there is no doubt that the economy of the Lunne region will take full advantage of these two days on the basis of virtuous entrepreneurship for the planet and for society.

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