The latest details of the League of Little Princes

The latest details of the League of Little Princes

Pour qui sera donc le pavois cette année ? Réponse ce mercredi.

The 5th edition of the League of Little Princes will begin on Wednesday May 8 with the gathering of beginners, it will end with the closing ceremony on Saturday May 11. 190 teams from the four corners of France will compete in a friendly manner to try to take away the victory bulwark of the tournament.

More than 500 matches are on the menu, 1,400 people have chosen to take meals prepared by the organization, 2,000 people are expected on the different sites, Mireval, La Peyrade and of course the Lucien-Jean complex.

These impressive figures justify the exceptional work of volunteers. A team, as in the previous edition, will be responsible for parking the vehicles. Due to the presence in the final of the Hérault Cup of two muscatiere teams, the program has been slightly modified. The "Veteran" will finally take place on Thursday evening, the elders having decided to go on Wednesday to see the pennant team face Fabrègues, near Clermont-l’Hérault. Note that Asfac has ordered the sun, according to forecasts, it will be "exceptionally" very present.

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