The Le Tourrihou microcollege will take root in Bagnols-sur-Cèze at the start of the school year in September

The Le Tourrihou microcollege will take root in Bagnols-sur-Cèze at the start of the school year in September

Delphine Girard-Bouchard, Marie Mazille et Stéphanie Bondoux devant le local de 80 m2 où une quinzaine d'élèves feront leur rentrée en septembre. C. C. – Midi Libre

The microcollege project (a single multilevel class) was put together to follow the education of the Montclus associative school, created in 2015. The parents of students who support the association found a premises in the hypercenter of Bagnols. Inauguration in September.

The mothers (volunteers) who take care of the Le Tourrihou associative school created in 2015 in Montclus have set up this year the project of a multi-calf class, a&nbsp ;microcollege, in order to offer a continuation of their children's education, supported by "innovative" pedagogies that respect the rhythm of the child, as indicated by Marie Mazille, director of the Montclus school. "Le Tourrihou goes to college", wrote Midi Librein an article published on March 31. The project was finished. There was a lack of premises, in a town, Bagnols, Pont-Saint-Esprit or Barjac, for easy access to public transport and other services. In the middle of last week, parents signed for premises near the Saint-Gilles island and the Bagnols media library. "College students will be able to benefit from life in a hypercenter" in 80 m2, divided into three spaces, for a digital space, a classroom, and a kitchenette that "we will arrange". This room is already fitted out to standards for people with disabilities and ERP standards (establishment open to the public). The microcollege will include a multilevel class, from 6th to 3rd grade, of fifteen students maximum."All common core subjects will be covered in the morning. The afternoon will be devoted to projects and personal time, activities, outings, with external speakers (as is the case at school)", specify Delphine Girard-Bouchard and Stéphanie Bondoux.

Looking for a teacher

Some of the children who grew up in Tourrihou are currently in 6th grade in a college in Saint-Ambroix, they will be part of this first promotion! "Alice is happy, confides Delphine. She had made a poster of the college of her dreams, it was Tourrihou! It’is a college that will adapt to the child, there will be the necessary time and space." With a certain perspective on the children who grew up in the small associative school, Marie Mazille shares:   "All adolescents are autonomous, they adapt when they return to the traditional circuit and all bring something human to their establishment."
The team of mothers is now looking to hire a teacher. In September, an inauguration party will take place. And this Saturday, it’s the traditional festival of the Tourrihou school, in Montclus!

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