The Lions Club committed to the fight against diabetes via Lider Diabète

The Lions Club committed to the fight against diabetes via Lider Diabète

The president of the club Chantal Morillon, the president of communications Caroline Coudray and a volunteer

The Lions Club committed to the fight against diabetes via Lider Diabète

La présidente, Chantal Morillon, la responsable de la communication Caroline Coudray et un bénévole.

Last Saturday, at the Polygone, the association organized a free screening day.

This Saturday, March 23, volunteers from the Béziers Lions Club were at the Polygone for a diabetes screening day. This action was carried out within the framework of an internal club association, "Lider Diabète".

It all started on October 14, 2008, when Albert Misseri, president of the Nice Lions Club and himself an insulin-dependent diabetic, organized a screening day in his city. This initiative was followed by clubs from other cities in the following years. An interclub is created to coordinate these actions. In 2011, the inter-club officially became an association under the name L.I.D.E.R Diabète, for Lions International Diabetes Screening And Research.

Through this organization, the different sections of the international organization organize, at least once a year, an event like the one on Saturday.

"One day of free screening"

"It's a day of free screening, carried out in collaboration with the Béziers nursing school, a general practitioner, and with the support of the CPAM, the ARS, Medef and the Polygone which welcomes us”, explains Caroline Coudray, communications manager for the Lions Club of Béziers. "This consists of a test with a prick on the fingertips. We look at the sugar level, if it is excessive people can meet the doctor who will question them anonymously, advise them and give them information".

By carrying out this action, the group intends to follow its motto "we serve". He has been involved in the fight against diabetes for several decades.

"It's a dangerous and sneaky disease& ;quot;, specifies Caroline Coudray. "You can be diabetic without knowing it. It affects the eyes, the heart, the ends of the feet, and can lead to amputation. The disease must be discovered as soon as possible to be treated quickly.

The Lions Club is at the origin of many other international health measures, such as guide dogs or places for the disabled. In Béziers, the organization has been present for around 70 years. It currently has 27 members.

"Simply being kind and selfless"< /b>

"Contrary to popular belief, we are not all wealthy. We are volunteers, some are employees, others business leaders. To become a Lion you simply have to be kind and altruistic".

The members of the club invite those who wish to meet them on June 8, during their traditional "Lion Day".

Installed on the Paul-Riquet alleys, they will collect various objects for various charitable actions. During this event, it will also be possible, for those who were not present at the Polygone on Saturday, to be tested for diabetes free of charge.

Correspondent Midi Libre: 06 46 32 13 96.

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