The Lodévois and Larzac Tourist Office goes electric

The Lodévois and Larzac Tourist Office goes electric

Le véhicule avec une partie des annonceurs devant l’Office. A.M.

The community of municipalities has just acquired and put into service a new vehicle with the help of 20 local partners.

Committed to an environmental and sustainable approach, the Lodévois Larzac Tourist Office wanted to equip itself with an electric vehicle. It's done ! The community of municipalities has opted to rent a Dacia Spring for a period of three years from the company Traffic Communication for its regular journeys from Lodève, to its seasonal information office at the Navacelles cirque and its numerous trips on the territory.

An additional tool for exploring the territory

"This is the first electric vehicle of the intercommunity", rejoices President Jean-Luc Requi whose community has also equipped with a private charging station, installed at the municipal park. "We chose to acquire it through a partnership with 20 local advertisers who finance it with their advertising. In return, we offer them great visibility thanks to this car used all year round in tourist sites and villages."

"We have receptions outside the walls and teams, particularly in terms of outdoor activities, very present on the ground",< /i>confirms Fadelha Benammar-Koly, deputy vice-president for tourism. "Our role is to be as close as possible to residents, visitors and economic partners." The electric Dacia, flocked with the new colors of the office and Lodévois and Larzac, clearly identifiable, must contribute to this. "It's an additional tool. It will crisscross the territory between our two Grand Sites, the Navacelles cirque and Salagou. We often forget that it has a Lodève gateway, with its Vailhés bay between Celles and Le Puech, which sooner or later will have to be finally redeveloped. Without forgetting the Hérault gorges right next door. We don't realize enough how lucky we are to live in the Heart of Hérault, adds the Lodevose elected official. "In addition to networks, I believe in direct and human information. This is what we have put back in place with the seasonal welcome of Baume Auriol and presence outside the walls in Salagou too."

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