The managers of the Loups du Gévaudan park highlighted by four young people from the Lozère local mission

The managers of the Loups du Gévaudan park highlighted by four young people from the Lozère local mission

Léo Marion, Selin Akordekci and Christian Bastide with the project managers of the local Mission. Midi Libre – Lucas Manouvrier

Léo Mario, Selin Akordekci, Christian Bastide and Madjou Camara made a short film from A to Z after meeting the managers of the Loups du Gévaudan park. This work was selected for the competition "I film the job that pleases me" whose ceremony will take place at the Grand Rex in Paris at the end of May.

"Silence, it's running !" From October 2023 to February& nbsp;2024, four young people accompanied by the Local Mission of Lozère took on the roles of director, screenwriter and cameraman. Their objective: to shoot a three-minute short film which presents a profession. A work that allows them to participate in the competition “I film the job that I like”. For six years, the local Mission has taken part in this event which goes beyond the borders of France. "It also concerns French-speaking countries and French establishments in foreign countries", recalls Franck Bateau, project manager.

Among the wolves

This year, Selin Akordekci, Madjou Camara, Léo Marion and Christian Bastide went to meet Sylvain Macchi and Audrey Prucca-Macchi, those in charge of the Gévaudan Loups park. "We wanted an atypical job reminiscent of Lozère, says Delphine Bressieux, in charge of relations with businesses at the local Mission. As it’s a competition, we are looking to stand out."

Part of the project, the couple welcomed the young people into the park, then closed, to spend time with them. "We set out with a reporting perspective in order to meet them and see what they had to give us, testifies Christian Bastide. The goal was not to start with our preconceived ideas."

For a whole morning, the budding cameramen filmed daily sequences with the animals and spoke with the two managers. "We decided to use our phones to show that we don’need a camera to make a film", insists Léo Marion. Before Selin Akordekci continues: "It’s also because we have better control over our phones."< /p>

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Proud of their short film, Christian, Léo, Selin and Madjou want to show the result to the general public. "Animal park manager, a passion !" is &agrav; can be found on the Career Path website. To receive a prize – a gold, silver or bronze Clap – the number of views and likes of their short film will play a crucial role. So don't hesitate any longer and discover the work of this group in the heart of the Parc des Loups du Gévaudan.

Short film presented at the Grand Rex

After the report came the  stage of "logging" : several hours of videos to cut before only selecting’ rsquo;a tiny part to make the three-minute short film. "If we could, we would have made a 20-minute film", explains Léo Marion. Then Christian Bastide got busy putting everything together, including the soundtracks and his narrative voice. "It went very quickly because we wanted to get a bonus point by submitting our project as quickly as possible."

At the end of February, therefore, the group submitted its short film entitled "Animal park manager, a passion !". Retained in the official selection, he will be eligible for a prize which will be awarded during a ceremony at the Grand Rex, in Paris, on May 29.

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