The many activities of the Terre Contact association

The many activities of the Terre Contact association

Emeline, coordinatrice de A petits pas, à la Maison de la petite enfance.

Basée sur Gignac où elle a son siège administratif, l’association Terre contact mène plusieurs actions sur Lodève et le Lodévois-Larzac.

This May 14, like every Tuesday and Wednesday morning in the premises of the Early Childhood Center, Corinne clinical psychologist and Emeline, welcoming and coordinator, host "A petit pas", a place to welcome children, parents and future children parents (LAEP). Corinne, Emeline, but also Laure, specialist educator, and Nathalie, instructor instructor, are part of the Terre contact team.

The action "The spiral" consists of welcoming children of all ages and their parents on Saturday mornings in Lodève. An activity is proposed bringing together everything artistic, manual, everything that the parent will be able to reproduce at home. Once a month, Parent’Thé is a space for parents to talk while their children are being looked after. These are discussions around parenthood. Finally, the Roul Contact solidarity grocery store crisscrosses the territory with its social living space.

For 20 years

"I work in Lodève and I coordinate actions around clay with specific audiences linked to the hospital and day centers in the area. I also work in nurseries, in schools, at the IME of Saint-André de Sangonis, indicates Emeline. "It is necessary establish a caring framework. It's sharing a moment without looking for the result." Terre contact, which has existed for around 20 years, employs 17 employees and operates throughout the Heart of Hérault.

"As a team we can discuss our practices but we are not accountable to social services, continues Corinne. "Our action is lasting. When a family arrives we advise them on what is available so that they do not remain alone." With the help of a network of partners, childcare worker, PMI doctor… they communicate on this welcome and sometimes help the parents through the door. "We are in contact with the Confluence media library, we encourage families to go to the museum and see the Résurgence shows. We are doing enormous prevention work."

The Terre Contact Pizza Oven tour began on May 15. It allows for times of meeting and sharing around a table, everyone bringing the ingredients while the association provides the dough and cooking.www.terre-contact. com

Correspondent Midi Libre: 06 31 85 56 57

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