The market banner torn down for the second time

The market banner torn down for the second time

La banderole qui a été découpée puis arrachée.

Once again, there is astonishment and indignation at the Mas de Ville. Placed on Monday afternoon following the Haroun-Tazieff roundabout, at the start of rue Christino-Garcia, Jeff Girardi, treasurer of the neighborhood committee, noted the next morning that the new banner indicating the day of the market had been cut and torn! At the same time, the municipal police were notified. Already, a similar banner had been vandalized in October 2023, six weeks after the inauguration of the food market. A complaint will be filed by the committee.

A fact far from unique: the mailbox on rue des Piboules was recently smashed, lighting was stolen on the new narrowing of Chemin du Pont-des-Îles and, of course, the Christmas tree was stolen the day before December 25 from Castello Park… "All these misdeeds and robberies are ruining the daily life of local residents", says, angrily, the president of the committee, Claudine Cartoux. Is this a consequence of the absence of public lighting in the streets between midnight and 5 a.m. ? Residents wonder…

In addition, the list of incivility and excessive speed of certain vehicles on Chemin du Pont-des-Îles adds to the fed-up of the inhabitants of a neighborhood that would like to be peaceful… local residents have the growing feeling "of being neglected, little or not listened to by the public authorities".

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