The mayor plays schoolteacher in front of his young colleagues from the junior municipal council of Bagnols

The mayor plays schoolteacher in front of his young colleagues from the junior municipal council of Bagnols

Le conseil municipal des enfants et des jeunes a été élu pour 2 ans. T. M.

The mayor of Bagnols-sur-Cèze Jean-Yves Chapelet invited the children and young people of the junior municipal council to the first part of the last public meeting of the council.

Chalk, a white coat and why not an interactive whiteboard… Here are some gift ideas that those who like to give them could offer the mayor of Bagnols-sur-Cèze. This will undoubtedly please this councilor who, on Tuesday April 2, 2024, played schoolmaster with the children of the municipal council of children and young people. An exercise that the elected official had already undertaken last fall, more precisely on Thursday, November 16, 2023.

The mayor plays schoolteacher in front of his young colleagues from the junior municipal council of Bagnols

The mayor in (tricolor scarf) alongside Dasen last fall. The councilor went to the Célestin-Freinet elementary school to talk about the Republic with the CM2 students of the school in the presence of the academic director of the school's services. National Education (Dasen) Christophe Mauny.

Pedagogy exercise

At the last municipal council, the children were adorned with tricolor scarves which they carried over their shoulders. "We are very happy to welcome you" declared Mayor Jean-Yves Chapelet. The chosen one engaged in an exercise of pedagogy and exchange with his young guests. The first two rows of the auditorium had been reserved for the children of the CMEJ and their teachers and chaperones.

"Did you understand the deliberation ?

On Tuesday April 2, the mayor questioned his young colleagues after an intervention by Michèle Fond-Thurial: "Have you understood this deliberation on the Work Mobility Package ? I'll explain it to you in two words. In your program you have planned a cycle path. If you come to work by bike, under certain conditions you will be able to receive a bonus which can go up to 300 euros; year-round. It’s to encourage people to take their bike because it doesn’t pollute less, it clutters up the roads less and above all it’s quite nice."

Notions to assimilate

On the menu of this apprenticeship in elective citizenship, some basic principles emerge to understand the progress of a deliberative assembly. "We always start the municipal council with the appeal. The elected official who cannot be present at a session gives power to another to act in his place. It’s called a power of attorney. When all elected officials agree, we speak of a unanimous vote. When there are votes against a deliberation is adopted by a majority". So many concepts to assimilate for budding advisors.

Two-year term

Usually, the junior elected officials meet in the hall of justice. A beautiful symbol when you exercise a mandate in the service of the public. Elected in November 2023 for a two-year term, the young municipal councilors of Bagnols-sur-Cèze, like those who preceded them, took part in the patriotic ceremonies of November 11, 8, 2023. ;nbsp;May and March 19.

"You are our colleagues"

"Believe me, it warms my heart to see these young people who are interested in the life of the city" exults Mayor Jean-Yves Chapelet. This former engineer from Marcoule would perhaps see himself in another life as a schoolmaster or professional teacher that he seems to like. The mayor is fond of this role of conveyor of knowledge which he often plays with a certain relish. "You are our colleagues, you are elected" he told the young councilors. It was also an opportunity for the mayor to thank the parents and grandparents who bring and bring back the children every Monday evening at the town hall where they hold their work.

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