The Millau IFSI is equipped with digital tables to better train future nurses and caregivers

The Millau IFSI is equipped with digital tables to better train future nurses and caregivers

Les professeurs de l’IFSI de Millau louent ce nouvel outil. Midi Libre – F.MAYET

Des équipements interactifs financés à hauteur de 39 000 € par la région Occitanie. 

Teaching better to learn better. At IFSI – IFAS (*) in Millau, this has recently taken on its full meaning thanks to new digital boards which equip four classrooms. "Each year we welcome 78 nursing students and around thirty nursing assistant students" summarizes Nathalie Campo, director of the establishment. "This year, four classrooms, the largest, have been equipped with interactive digital boards which will allow better transmission of knowledge. " A plus made possible thanks to an investment of 39,000 € from the Occitanie region.

Increased interactivity

Emmanuelle Gazel, regional councilor and mayor of Millau, underlines "the logic of supporting the region on the issue of health and social sectors. It starts with the high school via the health section which opened last September in Jean-Vigo." Thirty-five students follow two hours of additional lessons each week on health themes. The Millavois high school is one of eight establishments of the Toulouse academy, the only one in France, where this education is provided.

Benoît Durand, interim director of the Millavois hospital center appreciates the effort. "The Region and communities are investing to support and develop local healthcare training. These interactive boards are fantastic learning tools. And, tomorrow, thanks to these new tools, the quality of care will also be further increased. Because we, hospital workers, are always looking for nurses capable of this for our different services." The tables, with their high definition image quality and sound to match, already offer new educational possibilities.

(*) IFSI-IFAS: Nursing and caregiver training institute

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