The Ministry of Justice assures that the historic reinforcements of staff at the Nîmes judicial court will be lasting

The Ministry of Justice assures that the historic reinforcements of staff at the Nîmes judicial court will be lasting

Eric Dupond-Moretti a annoncé des créations de postes historiques lors de sa venue au tribunal judiciaire d’Annecy. ©Christophe Ruiz/Ministère de la Justice

After the announcements by the Minister of Justice in Annecy on reinforcements in the courts, the Chancellery detailed this Wednesday, April 3, that the staff deployed to the judicial court would be long-term.

Eric Dupond-Moretti announced numerous reinforcements in the courts during his trip to the Annecy judicial court on March 28. He detailed the new staff deployed in the courts including the Nîmes judicial court. This Wednesday, April 3, the Chancellery confirmed that the job creations would be long-term and "would not be eroded by retirements" . Clearly, long-term staff which will significantly strengthen the Nîmes jurisdiction, we learned this Wednesday from the offices of Place Vendôme with regard to the 2023-2027 program.

Eight additional magistrates and 14 clerks 

Thus, the Nîmes judicial court will be strengthened within four years by the arrival of eight additional magistrates, 14 clerks and by the creation of seven positions of ;rsquo;attaches de justice (deployed by 2025).

These attachés will be assigned to different departments of the court and will assist the magistrates in their duties, it was also indicated this Wednesday. "These justice attachés are trained at the ENM and take an oath", also specified the Ministry of Justice. Eric Dupond-Moretti. Concretely, the creation of positions in Nîmes constitutes an increase of 16% in the workforce for magistrates and 20% for clerks, noted the Chancellery while emphasizing that the plan's position creation plan ( 2023-2027) represented an effort never before undertaken and would exceed in four years the number of positions created in 20 years.

Historically unprecedented creation of positions

In terms of method, the Ministry of Justice noted in passing that the allocation decisions were the result of reflections carried out by the heads of jurisdiction and in particular within the courts of appeal, including that of Nîmes (directed by Michel Allaix and Xavier Bonhomme). The Chancellery also underlined that the 2024 class of the National School of Magistracy (ENM) had 459 students. Which is historically unprecedented and would allow reinforcements in the jurisdictions in particular thanks to the law of orientation and programming for justice carried by Eric Dupond-Moretti. "This will allow massive arrivals in the jurisdictions"

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