The MJC hosts its 21st chess tournament

The MJC hosts its 21st chess tournament

A view of the 2023 edition of the tournament

150 players are expected on Saturday April 27 and Sunday April 28 at the MJC in Béziers for a well-run event since it is the 21st edition of the Béziers Fide chess open.

This is no easy feat for Philippe Pascal-Mousselard, leader of the chess club and also president of the Hérault departmental committee for 8 years.

It must be said that this international tournament is the biggest in Occitania. If it welcomes a third of Biterrois, foreigners are also registered, Italians, Spaniards, Algerians, Moroccans, Germans as well as players from the Netherlands. There will also be around fifty players from Béziers, a third of whom are young people aged 8 to 16. In general, the players are amateurs, but this year a "master" Marseille professional will participate in the competition. All participants are licensed to a club because here, chess is not a game, but a sport in which only 10 to 15% of women are licensed.

Registrations are taken until Saturday morning. The people of Biterrois can just attend the tournament. The teen club provides refreshments and snacks.

More information: MJC Youth and Culture Center, Raimon-Trencavel sociocultural center (boulevard Duguesclin): contact & #64; or 04 67 31 27 34.

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