The mobilization is underway to create a new club and that volleyball continues in Mende

The mobilization is underway to create a new club and that volleyball continues in Mende

La priorité : permettre aux enfants de continuer à pratiquer le volley-ball en Lozère. Midi Libre – ARCHIVE

La liquidation judiciaire du Mende Volley Lozère, seul club de volley du département, est actée. Mais on peut écrire un nouveau chapitre.

Professional volleyball in Mende is over. Mende Volley Lozère will be put into compulsory liquidation, it is confirmed. For other teams, the season can come to an end. But after ?

A group of leaders, volunteers, members, parents met Thursday, May 2, 2024, in a room at the Foirail, in Mende, to try to open a continuation of the volleyball adventure in Lozère. Certainly, it will not be with the same means, nor in the same form, probably not at the same level.

A new office

To begin with, as the MVL will soon no longer exist, we must first create a new association. Submit its statutes, find a name for it. "I can lend a hand, promises the president of the MVL, Philippe Canac. We, the outgoing office, are not going to disappear like that overnight, but we need a new club, a new philosophy. And young people who want to get involved." The elders promise: they will be there to support, guide the elected officials in the first steps of the new club.

If in the room, most say they are ready to get involved as volunteers, it will still take a little thought to find volunteers to become president, secretary, treasurer. "From an administrative point of view, this will no longer have anything to do with it, it will be lightened", promises the vice -president, Philippe Jouve.

The discussions focused at length on the sporting future of the club. "The rule is that we start at the lowest level, because it’s a new club&amp ;quot;, asks Philippe Canac. The possibility of negotiating a place in the regional championship for the men's team is mentioned, some even dream of Prenationale. There is also the question, obviously, of the budget, which " will be completely different, it will have nothing to do with it", poses Philippe Jouve.

"Starting off with another story"

While the discussions focus on the organization of travel for children, Nathalie Nastorg, representing the Departmental Youth, Engagement and Sports Service, who came to attend the meeting, recalls the priority of priorities, without which nothing will be possible. "The first thing is to form a small team of volunteers in order to reconstitute an association, she insists. Above all, we must create an associative structure, start with another story. And the new team will work on the sports project. One of the bases is to provide a volleyball school."

For this, a new meeting will take place very quickly. Until then, communication will be established to mobilize as many people as possible around this new project, find people wishing to get involved in the association, identify young people wishing to practice the volleyball next year. Create a new emulation, so that volleyball continues in Lozère.

People wishing to get involved can contact Mende Volley Lozère, or on its Facebook page. I subscribe to read more

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