The Montpellier University Hospital strengthens its exchanges with the Lodève public hospital

The Montpellier University Hospital strengthens its exchanges with the Lodève public hospital

Le Directeur du CH de Lodève a fait visiter l’établissement et son CAPS à Michaël Delafosse. Midi Libre – ALAIN MENDEZ

Michaël Delafosse, the mayor of Montpellier, president of the Supervisory Board, visited the establishment and its future Emergency branch this Tuesday, June 4.

The mayor of Montpellier and president of the supervisory board of the Montpellier University Hospital was in Lodève this Tuesday, June 4, at the end of the afternoon. Accompanied by the deputy director of François Bérard, Michaël Delafosse visited the establishment and its reception and on-call care center (Caps)… called to transform into an emergency medical antenna attached to the CHU, as part of the latest regional health plan presented by the ARS.

Offices in orthopedics and ophthalmology are arriving

"This visit highlights the partnership of the public hospital with the Montpellier University Hospital on advanced consultations which will be put in place< /em>, indicates Gaëlle Lévêque, the mayor of Lodève and president of the hospital's supervisory board. Michaël Delafosse was able to tour the facilities of our establishment which is part of ;rsquo;a regional hospital group (GHT) which leaves from Montpellier to go to Millau."

The opportunity for the mayor, the president of the community of communes Jean-Luc Requi and his vice-president Frédéric Roig, president of the mayors of Hérault, to discuss also concerns. "This partnership is important and reassuring, we defend the public, the only way so that all residents, whatever their income, can have access to a good healthcare service. It's here, in a vast rural area, with a lower population density that it makes the most sense. And to reaffirm the position of elected officials premises regarding the time range of the future emergency medical antenna. "Our position has not changed, we remain mobilized so that it is 7 days a week and 24 h a day." recalls Gaëlle Lévêque.

The Montpellier University Hospital strengthens its exchanges with the Lodève public hospital

The public hospital is part of the Territorial Hospital Group which goes from Montpellier to Millau. Free Midi – ALAIN MENDEZ

For his part, Michaël Delafosse welcomed the commitment of Gaëlle Lévêque and local elected officials to preserve a health offer in their territory. "They have rolled up their sleeves and are fighting through achievements, reception of devices, very important collaborations also for a better offer and quality support for patients. What we see in the guide which has just been released, declares the mayor of Montpellier, also president of the French Hospital Federation. Here, there is a public hospital with cooperation with Montpellier medicine as part of the GHT. Doctors will come and give consultations in orthopedics and ophthalmology, without exceeding fees." Serving the inhabitants of Lodève, Lodévois Larzac but beyond, in a tourist area, crossed by the A75.

The Lodève-Lodévois and Larzac health guide available

This Tuesday evening, June 4, Jean-Luc Requi, president of the community of communes, and Gaëlle Lévêque, mayor of Lodève, had also given appointment with health professionals and to the elected officials & the Marie-Christine Bousquet space to present the new Health guide, available at along the scale of Lod&vois and Larzac.
"We have on our intermunicipalityé numerous and diverse professionals. This guide is for the population, but also for these professionals to know each other" emphasized President Requi who recalled that healthé was neither a municipal nor a community jurisdiction.
This guide, a first draft of which had been published present at the start of the year, also includes establishments (public hospital, breath clinic, multi-professional health home, nursing homes), structures and services offered on a territorial scale. It is intended to be exhaustive and has been thought with the City of Lodève where the majority of residents are grouped together. professionals. The opportunity for regional advisor Fadelha Benammar-Koly to announce the upcoming arrival of a third’ third general practitioner, as part of the Ma Santé, Ma Ré system which already welcomes some. two for eight months in a group established; in the MSP of Lodève.
The guide is available from health professionals, town halls and elsewhere. the welcome of the community of communes of Lodévois and Larzac.

"This public hospital extends to southern Aveyron, welcomes people who come to discover the area, walk there and who may need support, continues Michaël Delafosse, who also wanted to be reassuring in the face of local concerns. Lodève has a singularity with this Caps, a territorial innovation that the legislator had not well identified. We must perpetuate this system and work on the time ranges, it's true, with the CHU and the ARS". Before concluding: "The goal is to reduce medical deserts, not to make them grow in a difficult period where we lack doctors, even in Montpellier.&quot ;

In conjunction with the Montpellier University Hospital, the ophthalmology service provided by Professor Daien's service will be set up from June 18 at the Lodève Hospital. The orthopedics office of Professor Coulet's department will begin operations at the beginning of July. I subscribe to read more

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