The multihull show launched, MBS arrives in Paris, new shooting in Nîmes: the main news in the region

The multihull show launched, MBS arrives in Paris, new shooting in Nîmes: the main news in the region

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The multihull show enters a new era

#HERAULT. The 13th international multihull show opened on Wednesday in La Grande-Motte (Hérault) until Sunday. It brings together the largest number of catamarans on the water, worldwide, i.e. 60 units this year, representing 13 nationalities. "What pride to welcome this show which has taken on another dimension" welcomed the mayor of the commune Stéphan Rossignol, who cut the inauguration ribbon with the region's representative for the Mediterranean Christophe Manas, as well as Colette Certoux and Jean-Paul Chapeleau, vice-president and president of FIN, the Federation of Nautical Industries which is taking over the show for the first time this year.

The MBS business school sets foot in Paris

#MONTPELLIER.Four days after laying the first stone of a modern campus finally meeting the standards of major business schools, the president of Montpellier Business School, André Deljarry, was in Paris to announce the opening, from the next academic year, of a branch, boulevard Saint-Germain, in the premises of New York University.

Fifty students will inaugurate one of the two training courses, "the first stage of the rocket" which plans to have up to 500 students in the capital by 2030. For MBS, this campus is an opportunity to position itself on the high-potential post-baccalaureate market in Île-de-France, but also to improve its image with a view to international development. Another opening should also be announced soon in Europe. These investments should enable MBS to increase from 3,500 to 5,000 students and consolidate its place among the 12 best Grandes Écoles in France.

The number of the day: 294

#GARD. Météo France has published its reports for the month of March and we can say that the Gard was much more rained than usual! On average, 294 mm of precipitation was recorded in the department, or 4.6 times more than what is observed at this time of year: This is the highest value high since 1959. Several old stations have broken records. Nîmes-Courbessac, open since 1922, recorded 250 mm (normal at 45 mm).

New shootout

#NÎMES. Two men, including a minor, were arrested by the police on Tuesday evening at Chemin-Bas-d&rsquo ;Avignon after a sequence of shots near a deal point. A weapon and ammunition were also seized. An investigation has been opened for attempted murder. According to our information, the suspects are from Marseille.

The neighborhood is the scene of an intense war between drug traffickers. In recent weeks, a minor was violently attacked, men were injured by gunfire and another killed at a deal point.

The clairvoyant gives up on appealing

#AGDE. Incarcerated on March 21 for 'fraud, corruption and embezzlement of public funds&#39 ; at the same time as the mayor of Agde Gilles d’Ettore, the Agathois clairvoyant Sophia Martinez finally gave up appealing this decision before the Montpellier Chamber of Instruction, announced to Midi Libre one of its defenders, the Biterroise lawyer Me Clarisse Limouzin. The court confirmed having received this letter of withdrawal: the hearing should therefore not be held this Thursday as announced.
The clairvoyant is suspected of having manipulated the mayor of Agde to push him to commit financial offenses in her favor. She should therefore remain in detention at the Nîmes remand center over the coming weeks, while the investigation progresses.

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