The national secretary of the Greens, Marine Tondelier, with opponents of the ZAC des Coteaux de Malbosc, in Montpellier

The national secretary of the Greens, Marine Tondelier, with opponents of the ZAC des Coteaux de Malbosc, in Montpellier

Marine Tondelier ce mardi sur le site de la zac, à Malbosc, entre les responsables EELV locaux et les riverains opposés au projet. Midi Libre – T. J.

La responsable nationale EELV était ce mardi à Montpellier dans le cadre de la campagne des élections européennes.

"Every time I travel, I see the same film and the same sketch. Each time, I find myself faced with a different absurd project."

Marine Tondelier makes no secret of it: the ZAC des Coteaux de Malbosc project, even though she was visiting the site this Tuesday as part of the European elections, the national secretary of Europe-Ecology-The Greens does not have a handle on it. If it is not that a thousand accommodations are announced in this place of greenery, between Malbosc and La Paillade, and from which you can see as far as the bell towers of the Écusson. A site that Coralie Mantion, still vice-president of the Métropole de Montpellier until the next council, even qualifies as "bocage".< /p>

The public inquiry in 2025

"We are happy that Marine is here", underlines Pierre Deltour, one of the leaders of the collective of local residents who are against the announced development and against & ;quot;bulldozers on these agricultural lands, truck rotations, the daily passage of 1500 to 2000 cars, hydraulic problems, runoff… in this space which is today a space of nature."

This support from the boss of the Greens gives heart to the activists and is added to a petition which brings together 1 600 signatories on forms and 5 000 on the internet.

"We are in a breathing space, explains Coralie Mantion, who has just come out of the majority of the metropolis in disagreement with the mayor on ecological subjects. The public inquiry will start in 2025, we will fight to the end to stop this project."

The union in the photo

In addition to the head of the EELV list in the last municipal elections, Jean-Louis Roumégas and Julia Mignacca, the local spokespersons, or even Marie Massart and Stéphane Jouault, who remained in the majority within the l&rsquo ;executive, were present in the photo. And that too is information.

Arrival from Mauguio and the Etang de l’Or, where she spoke about biodiversity and pollution, Marine Tondelier then met the managers of the FC Pas-football club du-Loup, for his various initiatives, before a last private meeting with EELV activists from Montpellier.

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