The new Ostal residence makes life beautiful for our seniors

The new Ostal residence makes life beautiful for our seniors

L’inauguration a eu lieu le mardi 9 juillet en présence du maire Max Roustan. – Domitys

Mardi 9 juillet, avait lieu l’inauguration de la nouvelle résidence pour seniors de l’Ostal.

This building having opened its doors more than a year ago, the Domitys residence, managed by Marie Nourigat, already has 102 residents out of the 124 apartments available. A success which is due in part to the services offered.

"Remain active in your life"

"We are closer to a hotel image than to the medical image of nursing homes. Seniors here are more autonomous and free." Indeed, the latter benefit from furnished apartments as well as a plurality of à la carte services. « Catering can be included in the service, but some prefer, for example, to cook themselves. Our objective is to enable these elderly people to remain active in their lives while forgetting the constraints of everyday life.
To do this, the building has several rooms combining well-being and comfort, leisure and relaxation… « Residents can meet in the common room to play board games together or chat, some spend time at the swimming pool. This makes it possible to break the isolation ».
The comfort of residents has been taken into account: « There is a swimming pool, a hairdresser, a relaxation room and much more. A facilitator is also present on site to offer activities inside the area or outside. For example, we offer aquagym classes, theme evenings, karaoke and even concerts. But we also brought them to the Feria. Our objective is to offer as many activities as possible so that as many people as possible can be satisfied.

An active place

Beyond being a place of residence for seniors, the Domitys complex opens its doors to everyone. « Our residents can enjoy breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. But the restaurant is open to everyone whether to have breakfast, a lunch or even an evening meal. Local businesses also come to hold meetings. Recently, the Jean-Baptiste-Dumas high school in Alès came as part of a project. It creates intergenerational contact, it’s important for them.
The place « must be seen as an active space in the middle of the local network ». To follow this line, Domitys called on local producers for catering but also a hairdresser from the city center once a week and a beautician from the Alès basin.
The apartments are open from 1 100 € all charges included for a studio, but prices may vary depending on the needs of residents.

More information on the website or on 04 82 29 73 86

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