THE NEWS AT NOON. Death of Shamseddine, body found in Aveyron and regulation of screens in nurseries… what to remember

THE NEWS AT NOON. Death of Shamseddine, body found in Aveyron and regulation of screens in nurseries… what to remember

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Retrouvez les informations sélectionnées par Midi Libre ce lundi 8 avril 2024 à la mi-journée.

L’info du jour

Death of Shamseddine. Four people were indicted for causing the death of a 15-year-old teenager in Viry-Châtillon this Thursday, April 4. Two of the accused were therefore imprisoned while two other minors are temporarily incarcerated pending a contradictory debate which will take place this Wednesday April 10 reports BFMTV.

Finally, the fifth person accused, a 15-year-old minor, who is also the sister of two of the people suspected of having committed the attack, n&rsquo ;was not placed in pre-trial detention. She was nevertheless indicted on the count of'"voluntary abstention from preventing crime. We have devoted an article to this charge.

And also…

Body found in Aveyron. The body of a man was found by two fishermen this Sunday afternoon . It floated in the Tarn at Saint-Rome-de-Tarn. An autopsy to determine the identity of the deceased and the causes of death will take place this Tuesday, April 9 afternoon in Montpellier.

No screen before 3 years. A bill must be tabled this Monday, April 8 . It plans to regulate the use of screens in the presence of children under 3 years old, particularly in nurseries and childminders.

Scooter rapist. 22-year-old man suspected of being the "scooter rapist" recognized "a single act of rape", indicated the prosecutor in a press conference this Monday, April 8.  As a reminder, this individual was actively sought since the report of several young women in Grenoble. For the moment, he is accused of seven acts, including two rapes, an attempted rape, a sexual assault and violence committed between February 8 and March 16.

Digital break. This Sunday, April 7, Nicole Belloubet, guest of France Inter, s& rsquo;is expressed regarding a "complete digital break" in colleges. An update on how this could look in this article.

Practical info

Succeed in your garden. This weekend the Floralies took place at the Salins mall in Sète. On this occasion, here are some good tips from professionals that will help you with your spring plantings.

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