The O'baby mom baby spa celebrates its two years in Montpellier

The O'baby mom baby spa celebrates its two years in Montpellier

Morgane Hoffman accueille Giulia et sa maman pour leur première séance de balnéothérapie. Midi Libre – DORIAN CAYUELA

Opened in May 2022, the O'baby mom institute offers massages and balneotherapy for mothers and babies in the Antigone district of Montpellier. 

In the heart of the Antigone district, Morgane Hoffman has been opening a wellness area for the whole family since May 2022. An added feature: it is the first baby spa in Montpellier. A trend that came from the United States after the Covid period. "My daughter benefited from a balneotherapy session as a baby. It was a revelation, I wanted to offer the well-being that she felt”, explains the founder of the place.

A complete baby care

The session includes twenty minutes of balneotherapy, followed by a massage with cottonseed and vanilla oil. The bath water does not exceed 36 degrees in the summer and the pressure of the jets adapts to the baby. Giulia, 9 months old, and her mother Frédérique, are coming for the first time. “My daughter has trouble falling asleep and has toothache. I hope the spa will help her relax”, confides the young mother. Balneotherapy promises to relieve babies, both for stomach and toothache and to help them fall asleep. In winter, O’Baby Mom offers anti-cold sessions to relieve congestion.

A full-fledged experience

In the institute, pastel colors and the light smell of cotton soothe upon arrival. Thanks to the whirlpool bath, babies can experience verticality. This service is intended for children between 3 and 14 months who are not yet walking. The session is also intended for parents. For baby massage, families have the choice: observe the gestures to reproduce them or perform them themselves under Morgane's guidance.

Photo caption: Morgane Hoffman welcomes Giulia and her mother for their first balneotherapy session.

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