The Occitanie downhill mountain bike team makes its mark on the Millau track

The Occitanie downhill mountain bike team makes its mark on the Millau track

Zack Guiny “travaille le freinage” sur la piste de Millau. Midi libre – Maxime Cohen

Sept jeunes de l'équipe de la Région Occitanie sont en stage intensif de VTT à Millau pour préparer leur saison.

The Viaduct takes on colors under the blazing sun while under the helmets, the drops become thicker than each other. The passages follow one another on the route of the Millau descent. Inside, outside, more or less speed… The local's keen eye, Rudy Cabirou, supervises this whole troop who discover the particularity of the Caussenard paths. & quot;The objective is to provide them with maximum experience, driving technique and train them over two days here, on this regional championship track, < /em>introduces the technician.

Originating from the entire region

Last year, the one who also works for the Commencal enduro team, welcomed an older generation with faces, like that of Lisa Bouladou, who monopolized the podiums in the World Cup junior world and who finished just behind Marine Cabirou at the French championships. "This year, we have the youngest first year cadets and the youngest second year cadets."

These youthful faces with voices still waiting to change come from the four corners of the region: Lourdes, Grand Combe, or Salagou. "We have quite a density in the region, it's nice to see", satisfied their trainer, impressed as he went along as the passages progress. "The objective is to work on the braking zones, learn to brake hard because you need it throughout the track and above all to have fun" , explains the young Zack Guiny (14 years old), who is used to walking the trails of the Pic du Jer in the holy city.

The Occitanie downhill mountain bike team makes its mark on the Millau track

Zoé Lugans hopes to get on the podiums in the Coupe de France. Free lunch – Maxime Cohen

Present for the Monkey DH in Millau

These same young people will be present in Millau on March 30 and 31 for the regional cup. She will compete, for the second year in a row, during the Monkey DH. They still look further than the borders of Occitanie to perform. "I hope to make podiums in the French Cup&quot ;, confides Zoé Lugans (14 years old). This course therefore allows them to save a little time on reconnaissance of the track which will be ridden by the best drivers in the region in a few weeks, where Dylan Levesque and Marine Cabirou won last year. past.

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