“The Place des Martyrs will become very lively, shimmering”: what is this festival expected in mid-May, in the heart of Alès ?

“The Place des Martyrs will become very lively, shimmering”: what is this festival expected in mid-May, in the heart of Alès ?

Aurélie Génolher et Florence Lambert ont présenté cette journée. MIDI LIBRE – CHARLES LEDUC

La troisième édition du Festival éco-citoyen en Cévennes se tiendra en extérieur et sera ouverte au grand public Présentation..

"It’s an event Made in Cévennes", smiles regional advisor and vice-president of Alès Agglo Aurélie Génolher. "We are the only House in the Region to do this in Occitanie !", adds Florence Lambert, coordinator of the&rsquo ;Alesian establishment. The third edition of the Eco-Citizen Festival in Cévennes, supported by the regional council as part of its Citizen Spring, will be held on Wednesday May 15, from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., on the Place des Martyrs-de-la-Résistance ( read below). "The Place des Martyrs will become very lively, shimmering", promises the elected environmentalist.

It’is "the ecology of doing and doing all together"

By presenting this event, on the morning of Monday April 29, Aurélie Génolher does not shy away from her pleasure. "The beautiful human adventure is continuing with this festival", she said. "The ecology of doing and doing everything together, it works…" She then highlights the links that are created, the partnership quests: "The festival is strong at this level. It’s something collective and it’s precisely what the Region was looking for. We are at the heart of its missions and, in Alès, of the Maison de la Région." She then focuses on what the different imagined spaces will offer for this day, vectors for most of the skills of the regional council, in particular.

Local and organic producers are expected

"With the slammer Nomis, who came last year, there will be a magical moment" , she then insists, before mentioning the holding of a local producers' market. "And bios !", specifies Florence Lambert. "It’s the new thing. There will be eight exhibitors…"

Four spaces and a burst of animations

This third eco-citizen Festival in the Cévennes, freely accessible to the public, will therefore be held from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and will be structured around four spaces, in which various activities, information and presentations from associations will be offered. . The titles of the first three are "The environment, energy and food", "Soft mobility", "Solidarity, exchanges and donations&quot ;. The fourth consists of a local producers' market. Also, throughout the day, hip-hop demonstrations, a strolling microphone, the arrival of Nomis, who is a sort of Ringmaster, a book release from the Cultural Travels association, are expected throughout the day. etc. In conclusion, at 8 p.m., in the Capitole room, located on the town hall square, a film debate will be organized around the film "Being with the bees", hosted by Maurice Rouvière, from the & rsquo;Abeille et Sagesse association.

New features, there will be a few others throughout the Place des Martyrs, supported by various partners. But there will also be one in the Capitol room, to close this Wednesday. Last year, a screening was offered at the Cinéplanet; and it paid off. This time, the film debate will also be "free. To allow more people to come", explains the coordinator of the Maison de la Région, before indicating that’on this occasion, "the approach addressed will be that of the bee, in its role for biodiversity".

Information on the website www.laregion.fr.

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