The polo players from Sète Natation are European

The polo players from Sète Natation are European

The Sétois achieved their objective. FREE NOON – Jérôme Belluire

The expected defeats of Reims and Montpellier, this Saturday April 20, put an end to the suspense with one day remaining.

No matter what happens this Saturday, April 27 for the close of the regular phase, Olivier Chandieu's men will be sure to finish in sixth place in the Elite. And therefore, barring a surprise of which the FFN has the secret, to benefit from the last ticket for a European Cup.

The heavy defeat recorded this weekend at home against Pays d’Aix Natation (5-14) will therefore have no consequences. With four points ahead of Reims and six over Montpellier before this match, the Sétois were counting on two defeats, their last competitors did not disappoint them.

This Saturday, we still hope that the regular phase will end with a victory, because it will be the derby in the MWP basin. It will then be time to play the match for 5th place, presumably against Tourcoing or Noisy-le-Sec.

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