The pre-program of the joint hospital presented to the staff of Millau and Saint-Affrique

The pre-program of the joint hospital presented to the staff of Millau and Saint-Affrique

La réunion avait lieu à Saint-Georges-de-Luzençon. Hôpital de Millau

La direction des hôpitaux de Millau et Saint-Affrique a tenu une réunion d’information avec le personnel ce jeudi 2 mai.

The subject is hot and continues to fuel the column. The arrival of the new joint hospital is causing a lot of concern on the part of the residents and staff of the hospitals of Millau and Saint-Affrique. Hence the idea of ​​the management to organize an information meeting, this Thursday, May 2, in Saint-Georges-de-Luzençon with the staff of the two establishments. "Many of them gathered at the village hall of Saint-Georges-de-Luzençon to attend the presentation of the group work of the pre-program of the ;sud-Aveyron joint hospital, notes the management in a press release. The enthusiasm and interest of the participants for the project was palpable. The atmosphere that reigned throughout the evening was one of seriousness and attention. The growing involvement of staff in working groups was also highlighted. The hospital staff were then able to discover the outlines of the future hospital and note that the capacity of 161 beds and places was respected."

"Concrete and factual", for Emmanuelle Gazel

"All the questions were asked and the answers provided were far from fantasies, confirms Emmanuelle Gazel, president of the board surveillance of the Millau hospital. It’was good and important that on such a passionate subject, we bring factual and concrete facts."

The project enters its third phase

Indeed, the joint hospital project is entering its third phase with the launch of this pre-program presented to agents. The first two were the South Aveyron Medical Project and the choice of location for the future establishment. "The emphasis of this presentation was on the rationalization of patient flows and the ergonomics of the services between them, the press release continues. It should be emphasized that this pre-program constitutes the basis by setting out in a precise and ambitious manner the rules that architectural firms must respect during the project management competition, a crucial stage in the realization of the South-Aveyron joint hospital project."

"Evasive answers", according to the CGT

On the other side of the microphone, in the audience, the unions did not perceive this meeting in the same way. "The responses were evasive and very vague, regrets the CGT which is part of the hospital inter-union.  We ended up having very little time for our questions. We had the impression of a communication exercise from a firm, which gave us a nice gift package, without any financial problems, telling us that everything would come back… Basically, move around, there's nothing to see. The meeting scheduled for May 14 at 8:30 p.m. in the Carpentry room is therefore maintained on its side "to express our concerns", add the members of the union.

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