The prefect of Gard meets the heads of the Chemin-Bas and Mas-de-Mingue schools

The prefect of Gard meets the heads of the Chemin-Bas and Mas-de-Mingue schools

Au sein de l'école Brugier comme ailleurs, des inquiétudes persiste. Midi Libre – Giacomo Itamiano

Following the recent incidents that occurred in Nîmes, the prefect of Gard and the academic director of national education services (Dasen) received the heads of educational establishments on Thursday February 22.

The services of the prefect of Gard, Jérôme Bonet, and of National Education, through the voice of Dasen, Christophe Maury, brought together, Thursday February 22, the heads of the establishments schools of the Ada-Lovelace and Romain-Rolland colleges, the Georges-Bruguier, Jean-Moulin, Jean-d’Ormesson, Jean-Zay and Danièle-Casanova elementary and nursery schools.

Exchanges on concerns and apprehensions

According to the administration, this meeting was planned "since the event that occurred in the Chemin-Bas district on February 8". Prefect Jérôme Bonet expressed his full support to the educational community. "This meeting made it possible to discuss concerns and apprehensions of the teaching staff and those of parents a few days before the return to school, indicate the services of the prefecture.


Specifying that apart from the "necessary security of the surroundings of schools, structuring points were shared: updating the protocols of & rsquo;intervention and contact points, support for educational teams in such situations, more frequent information and awareness meetings. Finally, the security system was presented by the deputy director of the Interdepartmental Directorate of the National Police (DIPN).

This system includes the presence of a mobile force unit in the neighborhoods and as well as that of national police crews, concludes the prefecture. Prefect Jérôme Bonet has finally proposed the holding of a new meeting, of this format, before the next school holidays.

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