The Présence 30 group is seeking to recruit 300 people on permanent contracts in Gard

The Présence 30 group is seeking to recruit 300 people on permanent contracts in Gard

In Saint-Paulet-de-Caisson, the president of Présence 30, Olivier Gibelin, presented several work medals to Fabienne Allemand and Sylvie Bresson who have worked for Présence 30 for twenty-three years. They have worked at the Les Olivettes residence,. in Verfeuil. Midi Libre – C.C.

The association, the department's second largest employer, is celebrating its 50th anniversary "serving the most vulnerable, even in the most isolated areas". Across the Gard region, Présence 30 is recruiting "immediately" 300 home helpers and carers. And announces the creation of a home university. 

In 1974, farmers, men, women, from the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA) created the association Présence 30, to "fight against rural desertification by creating employment", recalls director Gérard Ratier. Today, the group, recently renamed Bonjours (possibly crossing borders to Ardèche or Vaucluse), employs nearly 1,600 people. The non-profit association has become the first social enterprise in the department, and the second employer in Gard, with the same philosophy as at its birth: helping the most vulnerable people, even in the most vulnerable sectors. isolated. Présence 30 runs a network of thirteen agencies (including one in Bagnols and one in Villeneuve-lès-Avignon). The group manages six independent residences, six shared houses, twelve crèches and microcrèches, organizes educational and integration projects for young people, in political districts of the city, as well as in Pont-Saint-Esprit (more than 90 young people were hired in 2023), manages teleassistance systems, and a Carers' Café, a free monthly meeting, in nine municipalities, led by a psychologist and a social worker. In Bagnols, the meeting takes place every first Tuesday of the month, from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., at the Mindset Store. The largest activity in this range of personal services is that of home help, with 989 employees and 10,000 beneficiaries.

The "Bonjours Tour", fourteen meetings for a birthday

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the group started a "Bonjours Tour" on April 4 in Nîmes, fourteen meetings in all, to meet its employees, elected officials and partners, "to make us better known" summarizes Morgane Malleval, communications assistant.

Tuesday, Présence 30 took over the Saint-Paulet-de-Caisson village hall. Mayors or their representatives (Carsan, Salazac, Saint-André-de-Roquepertuis, Aiguèze and Saint-Alexandre) were present. "One of the objectives of this operation is to honor our employees for their exemplary work, they know how to bring what is best to support people", congratulated President Olivier Gibelin . Fabienne Allemand and Sylvie Bresson, who offer all their kindness to the Les Olivettes residence in Verfeuil, received the work medal. Christophe Serre, in his capacity as mayor and first vice-president of the Departmental Council, underlined: "From birth to the end of life, you support the Gardois. You respond to calls for projects. There are more and more elderly people who want to stay at home. The Department supports this process." 60% of the group's funding comes from the Department. "Our objective: balance of accounts. It’s complicated even if we have good help from the Departmental Council. However, our desire remains to be present in isolated sectors, where no one goes, it is not profitable, but it is our policy, to address the most vulnerable populations&quot ;, insists Gérard Ratier.

"Meaningful work"

This Bonjours Tour is also essential to let people know that the group needs to hire "immediately"&amp ;nbsp;300 home helpers and carers, on permanent contracts, to cope with high activity and retirements. The starting salary (without diploma) is €1,777. "We must fight preconceived ideas, indicates the director.In a working group, we asked our employees why they stayed at Présence 30. In summary, their answer: we are extremely free in our work, we can adapt to people's needs. And we have social utility, work that has meaning."

Faced with the recruitment problem, the creation of a home university

President Olivier Gibelin announces the creation (objective 2025!) of a university. from home and a training space, with diploma training. "We can't get through provide all the work that is asked of us and we struggle to do so. recruit. The idea is to create a training space, to train, even people who do not speak French, immigrants who are ;we will accommodate, train, à who we will learn French, in tandem with our colleagues from Vivadom. A committee management is currently being constituted."

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