The RC Rougier players are only one step away from the final of the Occitanie challenge

The RC Rougier players are only one step away from the final of the Occitanie challenge

Les joueurs camarésiens sont particulièrement motivés pour franchir ce dernier obstacle et atteindre la finale du Challenge Occitanie Midi Libre – MICHEL DURAND

The Camarésiens will face, this Sunday afternoon, the team of US Adéenne, a club from the Hautes-Pyrénées. The match will be played in the Toulouse region this Sunday, April 21. 

Again, RC Rougier will play a new semi-final. The Camaresians qualified by narrowly winning last weekend against Séméac (21-20). Facing a very playful team, they were unable to manage the end of the game in a match which was nevertheless within their reach. For this semi-final, they will be pitted against a team from Hautes-Pyrénées for the third time.

The match will be played in Saint-Joris, in the Toulouse metropolitan area, against France. US Adéenne. In the previous match, the Adéens also won by one point (11-10) against Puylaurens. "We are used to playing the final stages of the championship" indicates Christiane Dambax the president of the club. "We have had many injuries this season and it was complicated…Our team is very playful, not particularly solid up front but behind it it plays a role."

Two supporter buses for the Bigourdan club

There is no doubt that there should be an atmosphere this Sunday, April 21, two buses of supporters are planned to support the Bigourdan club which has played in the past in federal 2. A sporting past remarkable for a village with 800 inhabitants. The Camaresians are not left out when it comes to supporters. Already very present in Aucamville, there should be many of them for this semi-final. The club chartered a bus for their transportation.

On the pitch, the Rougier players should once again show their power but will have to be vigilant in defense against a mobile team, everything suggests that we will have the same two oppositions style from last weekend. Against Séméac, discipline and occupation were lacking to maintain or even increase their score advantage. Roland Roques, the coach of Rougier concedes: "We were not good in terms of occupation. We started to move backwards. We talked about it with the players… This week we reviewed the touches and the sliding defense which did not work well on Sunday." Everything seems ready, the law of the field will do the rest.


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