The RCN, in good health… economic and united!

The RCN, in good health… economic and united!

Steeve Calligaro croit à la montée en Nationale grâce à la bonne santé économique du club. Midi Libre – ALEXIS BETHUNE

If the sports season did not prove to live up to the ambitions displayed, the club is doing well in terms of development on all other levels and has made its social actions a pillar of its identity .

A budget increased from 1.6 million euros in 2020 to 2.8 million in 2024. 130 new partners. A 30% increase in the number of graduates over 4 years, including women in full development.

Finally, a stated ambition to be present everywhere but especially in priority neighborhoods, prison environments, with people with disabilities… hellip; In short, wherever rugby is no longer necessarily king. "Being a club means forming a society and transmitting social and societal values, says Steeve Calligaro, president of the club. In the neighborhoods, we only talk about combat sports and football. While we have in our hands a very beautiful sport, so generative of values ​​that we must share it. […] A little one who plays rugby on the weekend is a little one who does less custody."

The words are raw and assumed, because for Steeve Calligaro, rugby is also a sport that encourages "to be yourself, and to be true" . And while he recognizes that a club is not managed at all like a business, he does not forget the importance of brand image.

In 4 years, these choices have contributed to strengthening the financial health and social impact of the club, despite a difficult end to the sporting season. ;nbsp;is it the sinews of war ? Without doubt, for the president of the RCN : "The ambition remains a sporting ambition. We will manage to move up to National or Pro D2 and we will see where we stop. But we will get there because we have a big budget", he prophesies.< /p>

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