The RCSA largely prevails in the face of the Blue and White Future

The RCSA largely prevails in the face of the Blue and White Future

Contrairement à leurs habitudes, les Saint-Affricains ont réussi leur entame de match. Michel Durand

Face à des Héraultais diminués, les Saint-Affricains obtiennent la victoire bonifiée.

The RCSA achieved its objective of an improved victory. It could not be otherwise against a weakened Avenir Bleu et Blanc team which was unable to put 22 names on the match sheet. Contrary to their habits, the Saint-Affricains made a successful start by scoring a try in the 2nd game by Losy.

A start to the game which started off at a false pace. We had to wait until the quarter of an hour into the game to see Balmefrezol score a second try allowing his team to take a first break (14-0).

Facing the more powerful South Aveyron, the Héraultais tried to produce and speed up the game by playing all the penalties manually. On an opposing recovery ball, they were surprised and conceded an additional try for a double from Balmefrezol (21-0).

South Aveyron team reshuffled

Far from collapsing, the ABB players continued to produce their game against the slightly lethargic Saint-Affricains but too many blunders prevented them from validating their strong moments.

Shortly before half-time, they will even concede an additional try by Costes on a nice launch of play from Saint-Affricains. The break came with a score of 28 to 0 for the locals who showed a different face as soon as the game resumed.

The coaches' instructions had immediate effects since in no less than ten minutes and from the start of the game, they scored four tries by Losy, Turpin, Courdy and Guipal.

Leading 56 to 0, the Héraultais did not give up in the face of a South Aveyron team overhauled by massive coaching. On one of their highlights, they even managed to score a try through their winger Aznar. A fair reward for a playful team with always the same desire to keep the ball alive but which paid for it physically at the end of the game. End of game to the advantage of the Saint-Affricains who scored two additional tries by Saurel and Garvi bringing the final score to 68 to 5.

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