The return of the palm tree, fatal blows to Quissac, a lucky marathon runner… the essential news in the region

The return of the palm tree, fatal blows to Quissac, a lucky marathon runner... the essential news in the region

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Marathon: a world qualification!

#LOZERE – Emmanuel Georges, 57 years old and adopted from Lozère, has just qualified for the marathon world championship, on September 15, 2024 in Sydney, Australia. A performance he accomplished by running the distance of 42.195 km in 3h11’05”. Emmanuel Georges should not be qualified, because only those who had run in less than 2h57’ had to be, but as there wasn't enough… hellip; of candidates, the Abbot World Marathon Major recruited other marathon runners who arrived outside the qualifying time. A chance for our Lozérien!

Today’s figure: 300

#GARD – This is the number of permanent jobs offered by the Présence 30 association, the second largest employer in Gard. Its mission: to help the most vulnerable people, even in the most isolated areas. Throughout Gard, 300 positions for home help and care assistants, CDI, are to be filled. The starting salary (without diploma) is 1,700 €. Renamed Bonjours, the group with 1,600 employees is the first social enterprise in Gard.

In Nîmes, the square finds its emblematic palm tree

#PLANTING –Orphaned by its previous palm tree, cut down in October 2023, the city of Nîmes acquired a new specimen, a Washingtonia filifera, aged 52, whose plantation was inaugurated on the evening of Thursday April 18, in the presence of Mayor Jean-Paul Fournier. "Here is the Place du Crocodile et du Palmier. Nobody calls it the Market Square! So yes, I am very happy to see the palm tree back. And palm trees are also the South!" Like Pascal, many people from Nîmes attended the masterful planting of the new palm tree on Thursday morning. The beast – sorry, the giant grass -, weighs 3.2 tonnes for 8 meters high and was uprooted on Wednesday in the Drôme, then transported in convoy to the historic center of Nîmes.

Quissac, after the fatal blows

#GARD-In Quissac, a young man died from his injuries on the evening of Tuesday April 16. The victim's nephew, 21, who beat his uncle, aged 25, with a baton in Quissac, was indicted for murder and placed in pre-trial detention. The perpetrator of the fatal blows would have recognized the violence but no longer remembered having suffered blows to the head. He was not drunk and had not taken narcotics. A debt of 50 euros owed by the uncle to a third person would be at the origin of this tragedy. The Alès prosecutor is concerned about this act among young people: "This case is unfortunately the tragic illustration of the drift of their relationship with violence."

PAC: Aveyron champion of France

#HELP – Between October 2021 and October 2022, it is the French department which received the most aid from Europe. Aid paid under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) represents around a third of the European Union budget. France receives nearly 9 billion euros per year. The educational site of the European Union “All of Europe” has posted online the latest available data on aid granted between October 2021 and October 2022. Aveyron with more than 286 million euros received (286,692,404 euros) comes first in terms of beneficiaries in France , very far ahead of Saône-et-Loire (195,008 euros) and Cantal. (193,093 euros). In Aveyron, "it’it’is the beef/meat sector which receives the most aid", recalls Aurélie Catallo, director of Agriculture France at the Institute of Sustainable Development and International Relations. While adding "it’is also the one with the lowest income".

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